Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am not exactly what you would call "thrifty". On the one hand, I do shop and spend hundreds of dollars at Goodwill each year (dependent on how many trips I take to Michigan as the Goodwill in Lynchburg isn't that great)... I mean, it's hard not to spend $100 when that would normally be the price of one sweater in my pile of clothes! On the other hand, I do not clip coupons and go out of my way to hit a sale. Hopefully this will be changing as I learn a little more about the value of living a frugal life.

Anyways, I have recently learned how amazing web pages can be for buying and selling! I have checked craiglist, ebay, and amazon before. I have purchased things from these pages and similar pages before. I shop at discount and thrift stores. But... it is like a whole new world to me now.

I am a member of the Lynchburg Online Yard Sale (after having sold an item and left the group because I couldn't stand the drama between some of the members). I sold my Bumgenius 4.0 diapers yesterday as I prefer the Freetimes. I only had 5, but it is such a relief to have sold them and be able to order more Freetimes. The 4.0's were sitting on the back of the changing table getting very little use. I had used a couple of them one time when I was lazy in getting the wash done. Now they are gone to a good home to get plenty of use and I am able to purchase more diapers that are in my preference.

Today I have kept Craiglist open while at work to check periodically. I am looking for a exersaucer or jumperoo for Jackson. I receive weekly emails about his development. I was reading his 16 week email today and it said now is the prime time to introduce an exersaucer. After perusing Amazon, Target, and Babies R Us I knew I needed to go second hand. We just bought plane tickets to California for Waverly's birthday... we can't afford another $100 for a "toy" for Jackson. So... I have two appointments to check some out! One is an exersaucer and the other a jumperoo. The prices are so low I may purchase both and keep one downstairs and one upstairs. I normally wouldn't consider doing this as we are trying to pinch pennies, but I have enough in my purse right now to cover both. I think this will be so beneficial for Jackson and Mommy and Daddy. Daddy will have something else to occupy Jackson during the day. Jackson will have another toy to play with- and developmentally it will help him learn and grow. Mommy will have another hands free place to set jack while doing household chores. All in all, a win!

I have some other items I need to get rid of in the near future. Here's to posting them on online sale sites instead of just donating them to Goodwill! Even though I'll only list them for $10 or less, that's $10 I wouldn't normaly have. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Happy thrifting to the rest of the world! I'm glad to have joined your ranks!