Thursday, June 28, 2012

Potentially disastrous...

... or potentially life changing.

Matt got a call while we were eating dinner from the US Army Recruitment Command. Unfortunately, he did not have his phone on him and did not listen to the voicemail left until the offices were closed. The voicemail asked for a different individual (the only other candidate for OCS from the recruiting station in Lynchburg) and asked for a call back. An office line and cell phone were given. Matt called the cell phone since it was after hours. After explaining that he was not the individual, the officer who left the message requested Matt call him in the morning when he was in the office so he could see what happened.

Basically, the officer was calling through a list for OCS. He did not definitively say that those he was calling were selected for OCS, but he can let Matt know tomorrow morning. Or at least, that was Matt's understanding.

Some possible scenarios:

*Matt is selected and somehow the other name was placed on his file.
*The other guy was selected and somehow Matt's phone number was placed in that file.
*Both were selected and numbers were mixed up.
*The officer making the calls mixed up the numbers when going down the list.
*This wasn't the "selection" we think it is- Matt's recruiter was told the list wouldn't be ready until next week.
*The officer was calling for the other guy, but to tell him he wasn't selected.
*The officer was calling for Matt to tell him he wasn't selected.

Those are the ones Matt and I thought up. There are probably more possibilities. We're hoping it will be cleared up (in our favor) tomorrow morning. If both names are not on the list then it may take a little more digging. We're not sure how much information the officer who called has: if he has the entire file there so Matt can confirm if it is him, if he only has a list of names and is pulling up numbers from somewhere, if the entire packet was mislabeled, if only the phone numbers were switched.

So frustrating and nerve-wracking. This could be devastating news. It could be the best news we've gotten since Jackson was born. Matt's recruiter is going to follow up either way since it's strange that the information was mixed up.

Praying hard all night for positive news tomorrow morning!


So Matt called the Officer back and spoke with another individual. They made a note about the wrong phone numbers, but basically they are calling through the entire list of candidates to let them know individually yes or no. They divided up the list so the person Matt talked to couldn't confirm if he was selected or not. We could get a call later today or next week to let us know.

No bad news is good news. We both feel much more comfortable knowing they're calling everyone so there's not a list of people who were selected. Now we just have to wait. Hoping we hear good news today!