Friday, June 08, 2012

Grammie and GrandPops Visit

This past weekend (June 2-4) my in-laws came to visit. They are moving Jamie and Waverly out to California to live with them while Josh is deployed. They flew here for a couple days then drove to Tennessee to pack Jamie up.

Jackson was SO excited to see his grandparents. It is  very sad that he doesn't live near either sets of grandparents. But we will be sure to skype lots and try to make as many visits as possible. He had lots of smiles and coos for Grammie and GrandPops. It was fun to show them all the stuff he's been learning since he saw them last. He's gotten much bigger and they loved his chubby cheeks and thunder thighs!

Nothing better than a happy baby and happy grandparents! 

They arrived Saturday evening and we grabbed some dinner. Sunday they met us for church and Jackson slept the whole time in my Moby. We went for a long walk at the park on Sunday. It was perfect weather for a 4 mile walk! 

Monday afternoon Matt and Pops went shooting. They tested out Matt's HK, which his parents are considering purchasing. While they were gone Jack took a nap on Grammie while I finished my work for the day. It's been such a blessing being able to work from home. One more week of that happiness and then back to the office. Sigh. 

When the boys got back Jack entertained everyone for awhile. Babies never get old when they are loved! His smiles, babbles, and laughs can keep us content for hours on end! 

We went to Neighbor's Place for dinner to celebrate Matt and my 4 year anniversary (which was only a few days later). Jackson behaved very well throughout the meal and got some more snuggles in. 

He loves his Grammie and GrandPops and cannot wait to go visit them (and hopefully Aunt Jamie, cousin Waverly, and Uncle Mark) out in California! We're hoping that sometime this fall we might be able to take a little family vacation out there. 

And Jackson sent off Grammie with a big smile. We were all sad to see them go, but it was such a wonderful couple of days.