Friday, May 25, 2012

Widdle My Middle

I was pretty proud when I stepped on the scale and saw that I had returned to my pre-preggo weight before my baby turned 2 months old. The only problem? The numbers on the scale are rarely indicative (in any situation) of fitness and overall physique. I may weigh the same as before baby, but my body is not the same as it was then.

When I flex my abs it is pretty sad. My once prized abs (firm, but not too defined- don't want to look like a she-man) were soft and fluffy. It was surprising, but shouldn't have been since doing good ab work was next to impossible the further I got in the pregnancy. It also is surprising how much your core really affects the rest of your workout... or everyday life!

I have gone for one run post baby. It wasn't nearly as horrible as I anticipated. Unfortunately, finding time to exercise is not high on my priority list. Since I will be returning to the office (I am working from home for the last month of my maternity leave) soon I want to take advantage of all the time I have with Jack. This doesn't leave much time to go for a run or do an exercise video. Although, I keep telling myself to do it while he's sleeping. The problem there? That's when I put the laundry away or clean the kitchen or make dinner.

I have this elegant plan in my mind where I will go to the gym three times a week on my way home from work. Weekends will be devoted entirely to Jackson. The other two week days I will do some kind of exercise at home. Probably a video of some sort (I discovered the videos on hulu, amazing!). Now, will I actually use my gym membership when I could be at home with my baby? Doubtful. I do like the elliptical better than going for a run, but I can come home and spend a couple hours with Jack and when he goes down for the night go for a run and then do crunches etc at home. That sounds much better.

I plan on buying 2-3 pairs of jeans for my birthday. My go to jeans from pre-pregnancy ran a hole in the knee during my first trimester. They were my go to jeans afterall, so they got the most wear. I went through my closet recently and go rid of a bunch of old jeans I don't wear anymore. This means I need some new ones. I can fit into my old size, but sometimes if the waist is a little tight I get a lovely little muffin top. Unacceptable. I picked out the three pairs I want. I have some work to do to get rid of that muffin top!

I plan to buy one pair of dark skinny jeans since I discovered that I like those, plus I now have a pair of boots that actually fit to go well with jeans; one pair of dark boot cut jeans, and one pair of regular wash boot cut jeans. Since I am short I order petites when they are available. The waist is the only area that might be a little snug. So... time to widdle my middle.

I know it is possible. My middle is soft so I can definitely firm it up. I just need to get motivated! So here is my official challenge to myself. I need to be diligent in doing abs at the very least. Now that I have access to exercise videos online I also don't have any excuse not to get some cardio in. I can always go for a run if I feel up to it, but that's not necessary if time doesn't allow. I can do it! My birthday isn't until August and this shouldn't even take that long anyways!

We'll see if this public post helps me get started. I've been lazy these first two months of Jack's life. Time to get moving!