Saturday, May 26, 2012

2 Months Old... Already???

My baby is already 2 Months old! Time really is just flying by! It has been such an amazing 2 Months. I had a friend who said she didn't understand it when moms would post on facebook or other sites about how awesome being a mom was. She is a mom and she loves her baby dearly, but she said she didn't have the time or energy to post about her baby and even if she did, she didn't always feel so lovey dovey like the other moms. She was sure they must be lying. Well, yes, parenthood is not always easy... and I am just beginning! There are times when Jack just wants to fuss. I'll snuggle him and he'll stop... then 5 minutes later he'll fuss again! Feeding is a struggle since he eats about every 1.5-3 hours and since I'm still nursing that is a time sucker right there. Jack always wants to be held and while I love that, it makes doing household chores difficult. But... all that said, it has been the best two months of my life! I have so much joy being with my baby, even when he's screaming for no apparent reason. Maybe we are just blessed, but I truly feel like he is an easy baby. When he fusses we can generally figure out what he wants quickly and he stops fussing. He may change his mind quickly and fuss again, but then we just figure it out again. 

As I do weekly posts, I'll keep this short and sweet.

Here is one of my favorite onesies of his. It is from Baby Gap. I fear he won't get to wear it often since it's been so warm out and he's a very sweaty baby. I put it on him on a day we weren't leaving the house. We always run the air conditioning so it's rather cool in our house. 

Today I planned to do a 2 month photo shoot. I want to do this on each of his monthly birthdays for the first year. Well, he wasn't cooperating too much when I tried to take pictures. It was during one of his fussy times. I lulled him to sleep, stuck my favorite giraffe hat on him, changed his diaper to match... and got a total of two pictures! Thankfully, they both turned out well. 

Then the fussing commenced again. He was really tired but fighting sleep. I rocked him in the glider and he finally settled down for a real nap. Even when he fusses though, he is so adorable! I love his crying face even though I don't like it when he's sad.

I am so excited to watch him grow up. Already he has such personality! He loves to talk to us and has so many sounds he makes. I watch him learning as he watches Matt and my facial expressions and tries to mimic them. He reaches for things and can recognize certain things (like the boppy and burp cloth means Mommy's getting ready to feed him). It is so incredible how much he has grown up already!

2 Month Dr. appt on Tuesday. Excited to see how much he actually has grown! I wouldn't be surprised if he's slightly over 12 lbs. We'll see!