Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Spidey sense & space heater

So... I definitely haven't had time to edit our Michigan pictures. Hopefully that will happen soon(ish). Until then, no Michigan posts. I anticipate that trip being broken up into at least three different posts.

For now, some unrelated thoughts.

I think I have a spidey sense. I can sense when there is a spider in the near vicinity (is that spelled right? I'm a stickler for spelling and I think that is how it's spelled but it looks funny... but there's no red dotted line underneath... so I'll just let it be). When we had a black widow camped out in the lower right corner of our front door I saw it right away and alerted Matt, who said he never would have seen it there. Today Jack and I met a friend for lunch. When I was putting his car seat back in the car I saw a rather large, hairy, black spider squatting on the driver's seat! Disgusting. My friend tore off her shoe and showed that spider who was boss. Can you imagine the havoc that would have wrecked if I hadn't seen the spider and it had crawled down my arm mid-drive? My friend stated she wouldn't have seen it. Seriously, it's like a sixth sense or something. My eyes just wander to the location of the spider and whammo... dead spider (unless I can't work up the nerve to kill it- usually I have to call in reinforcements if someone else is nearby). So I have a spidey sense. Do you?

My baby is a little space heater! When I hold him or take naps with him he not only warms me up, but he makes me sweat. We're talking buckets here, not a little glisten. I don't even realize it until I feel the stickiness. If his head is resting on my arm (skin to skin) there's a nice moist layer (drops you can actually see) on both surfaces when he moves. Kinda gross... but not as bad as if it were anyone else's sweat. The other day he was in his first pair of jeans (adorable, by the way) and he sweat through his onesie and the thick jeans layer! The extreme downside: I think it's making him breakout. He has little baby pimples on his forehead and face. Some of them you can't notice unless you look at him from the right angle. Others are more prominent. The good news, they disappear after a day or two.

We had our lunch date at Taco Bell today. I had forgotten just how amazing Baha Blast is. I had a large cup full for lunch and refilled before leaving. I'm still sipping away at the refill. Delish! I don't care for regular Mountain Dew at all. Too bad Baha Blast isn't sold everywhere.

I have figured out that a Mommy's To Do list is pretty much a joke. I bought (which is to say, my mom gave me since she had a spare) a lovely clipboard (pink floral/paisley design) in which to keep my To Do list. I have begun using To Do lists at work and find them quite helpful. So I created a To Do list that I planned to occupy my Sunday and Monday. Yeah, that To Do list might take the next two weeks to get completed! I did get a couple items checked off though! Such is life with a baby (and I wouldn't have it any other way).

Jack is now in 0-3 month clothing. That means he can wear the first of his Baby Gap clothes. I love love love them. We had a few items already as gifts and when we were in Michigan we bought some more things for 0-3 months and 3-6 months. So adorable!

Baby is crying... a lot. Husband is hungry for dinner. Baby is with husband currently. Mommy should get off the computer and make both her men happy.