Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sleepless Night

Yes, I am having a sleepless night. My first one since Jack was born, actually. He's always been a good little sleeper.

...and this sleepless night is most definitely NOT due to the baby!

I made a BIG BIG BIG mistake today (Well, yesterday since it is past midnight). I met a friend for Taco Bell. You read that. I had Baha Blast. You read that. I refilled my Baha Blast before leaving. I think you read that, if you didn't then you read it now.

Baha Blast is a flavored Mountain Dew. I detest Mountain Dew in it's regular form, but love Baha Blast. Little ole me forgets that Baha Blast has obnoxious amounts of caffeine in it. I normally drink water, juice, Sprite, or Root Beer... no caffeine there. Sigh.

So... I have been WIDE awake all night. Literally up until this point I have not had the slightest urge to sleep. I am just now starting to get dreary. I have to wake up at 7:30 am to get ready for my postpartum dr. appt. It isn't until 9:30, but I've learned to give myself extra time to get ready and then get the baby ready.

Now, Jack has actually been having his best night so far. He has woken to eat right on schedule and gone back to sleep immediately after finishing. He has only needed one diaper change and I think that is more due to sweat than waste. And up till now he has been in his sleeper! Amazing! That is 3/4 of the night. We'll see how he spends the last fourth.

Sigh. I hope I don't horribly crash all day tomorrow.