Friday, March 16, 2012


I am really trying to appreciate my time before baby Jackson arrives. Right now I am so anxious for him to arrive, but I know that once he does life will be much more hectic and unscheduled for a good long while (like the next 18 years?).

I keep thinking of all the things I want to do before he arrives. There is a lot of house cleaning to do! I have the urge, but generally not the energy to clean. Does that mean my nesting instinct isn't actually awoken yet? The house is tidier than it's been the past few months... but there is still some work that must be done. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who has been helping immensely to clean the house. This morning as I was getting ready I heard him vaccuuming the baby's room and the upstairs hall. He also has taken over doing the dishes and putting them away. Yes, he is a remarkable husband and I am so blessed to have him as my parenting partner.

This weekend I am going to force myself to get the house in order. We are still trying to work out exactly how the guest room will work out. We have the furniture organized... but neither of us like the setup. The bed is over the entire vent... which can make the room stuffy. Maybe if we get a bigger fan for in there? Besides that, the bed is rather large... so it makes the room cramped. Maybe we'll just need to remove the head and foot boards and save them for when we have more space? Right now everything fits... but doesn't go well together. We've tried a few different ways to fit things but it just hasn't been working out too well. This weekend we'll hopefully be able to figure something out.

My list of to do's (again, posting this so hopefully I get it all done):
*Put away all folded clothes in bedroom, do laundry, put away those clothes right away
*Organize shoe/linen closet
*repack baby bag and my bag for the hospital- make sure we have everything we need
*charge video camera and camera batteries (leave charged until baby time)
*clean bathrooms
*re-hang curtains in bedroom (one fell down)- hang curtains in guest room
*put carseat in car (yeah... that never got done...)
*bring in children's books from car and put away (these were hand-me-downs I got when I was in Michigan... in December... they're still in a box in the car!)
*put away all tools (they are scattered around the house from the rearranging/ building we've been doing
*fix and hang mirror over closet door (this has been on the to do list since we moved... almost 3 years ago! it's been sitting on the floor since then!)
*wash all towels/blankets/ sheets... we do this anyways, but it'd be good to give them all a good cleaning now to prepare for baby!

Hmmm... that's quite a long list... but I want to be sure I have it all written down so I don't forget it. I really want a cutesy clipboard, but haven't been able to find one I like yet. When I do, I'll have physical to do lists for at home! We also need to make a Walmart run for some more cloth bins for the downstairs diapering station and the curtain rod for the guest room. We have been to Walmart more in the past month than in the past year total! We keep forgetting things we need on each trip. At least it's just down the road from our house. So thankful we don't have to go to the one by Liberty- too busy!

Still so anxious for baby to get here. I've begun getting very uncomfortable and have a consistent pain in my lower abdomen (no, it's not contractions as it's constant) so I'm very ready for that to go away. But... I suppose having another weekend (or two or three) is always good. There will always be more preparations to do for baby!

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