Friday, March 23, 2012

New Day

Thank the Lord for a new day! Yesterday was... trying. I was obviously frustrated over Matt's work situation. I was frustrated over some items at my job. I was frustrated that contractions seem to be lessening and not increasing. I was frustrated that I always seem so tired now that it is so close to the end. I was frustrated that after a walk down the hall at my work my feet hurt. To top it all off, as I am pregnant I am overly emotional and just wanted to sit down and have a good cry. But that's not going to happen at work.

Today is bright and sunshiney and I feel much better (so far). I was able to have a long talk with my husband last night (about nothing in particular, I just wanted to talk. You know how women are sometimes), got some good sleep, and have two snuggly kittens. When I woke up this morning I lay there feeling Jackson stretching. He was not being super active, probably just adjusting in his sleep. These are the movements I don't normally feel if I'm at work or not paying super close attention. But lying down and relaxed I was able to feel these slight movements and be reassured that he is happy and healthy and that he will arrive when he is ready.

My husband talked me into another date night tonight. We had our "last date night" before baby already... but since baby isn't here yet maybe we'll just have another one! We plan to go out for dinner and then to see The Hunger Games. Am I worried that we'll have to leave mid-movie if I go into labor? Absolutely! Would I try to stay throughout the entire movie if I could even if contractions got closer and closer together? Definitely. I say if they aren't 10 minutes apart with regularity I can stay in the theater. We'll see how that goes though.

But today should be a good day. Very low key in the office. The start of the weekend. Beautiful weather (although, I'm not too fond of it being so stinking warm in March). Maybe having a baby this weekend. We'll see if he's good and ready!

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