Wednesday, March 21, 2012

38 Weeks

Another week down. It is comforting that I can only have 4 weeks left maximum. I seriously don't know where else this kid will grow for much longer! My skin is so tight and I can feel my middle getting more and more full! On the plus side, baby continues to drop so that relieves some pressure.

Dr. Appt: Had my weekly appointment today. Dr. was disappointed he didn't see me at the hospital on Monday, which was his day on call. I'm still progressing and am at 4 cm dilated now. Matt said, "You've been going 1 cm a week. Only 6 weeks left!" Har har har. The Dr. stripped my membranes in an effort to get some contractions going. I only had 5 noticeable contractions all of yesterday... so not exactly what we want while I'm continuing to dilate. I was encouraged that I wasn't still stuck at 3 cm though. Of course, I could be stuck at 4 from here on out!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Like I said, I've had contractions... but not with any regularity and not too intense. I feel a slight pang in my lower abdomen and then can feel my uterus tighten up when I rest my hands on it. But no pain or real discomfort, just annoyance. Lost my plug on Saturday. No grimy details, but it was encouraging to have one more thing behind me. I have also traded my wedding ring for a cubic zirconia replacement. My real wedding ring still fits... but just in case I thought it wise to replace it while I can. With the extra warm weather we've been having I'd probably swell in the middle of the day and not be able to get it off! I had some cramps, but they haven't accompanied any contractions yet. I've continued to be rather warm no matter where I go or if the air conditioning is on. I've been waking up every 2 hours during the night for a potty break. This being the case, I have bags under my eyes for the first time ever! They aren't that noticeable with my complexion, but I can certainly notice them. Just getting ready for those first few weeks of nighttime feedings! I definitely was nesting over the weekend. I was able to get the guest bedroom/Matt's office organized the way I want. Cleaned the entire bathroom (as in scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed!). Finished the nursery (see pictures below). Cleaned the kitchen and organized the downstairs in general. Did lots of laundry. Reorganized some things in our bedroom... and now I think our bedroom is more organized than it ever had been before! It is so nice having a nice clean house! Matt has been amazing and taken over the vacuuming, which I hate doing even when I'm not pregnant. We're all ready for Jackson to arrive! I've even packed and repacked both my and Jackson's hospital bags! Matt has some stuff in my bag as well (an extra change of clothes, some bathroom stuff, snacks). Just waiting waiting waiting!

Overall health: I did slip one pound over my pregnancy weight gain goal, but I'm not too worried about it. I hit 26 pounds gained, which is still rather low. Hopefully that'll make losing those pounds easier if there aren't as many of them. Slight swelling that I already mentioned. My skin has been amazing the past couple weeks. I noticed it last week. Got that "ready-to-pop-out-a-baby" glow! Still feeling really good, even though I have a full on waddle. When I walk Matt likes to hum the ewok song. He says I look like Wicket when I waddle. Still no stretch marks, which I am so thankful for. I didn't think I would care about stretch marks, but I am glad they haven't arrived. No cravings or aversions this week. Been eating lots of fruits and vegetables and can't stop drinking water! Maybe that's been helping with my skin too.

Here are some pictures of our finished nursery. This when you first walk in the door.

The left side of the room. No set theme, just bright, bold, boy colors.

The window area and his crib. I don't plan on him using his crib for at least the first 4 months... we'll see when I'm ready to part with him being by my bedside!

I didn't like the empty space on this wall. We aren't able to paint the walls in our house since we rent, so I put up a bulletin board!

Last wall. The frame will have a new poster in it. It should be arriving in the mail any day now. His closet is nice and full. We should be set from newborn size- 12 months. We have some 18 month stuff, but we focused mainly on the first year. He will be such a well dressed little man!
There are more detailed pictures on facebook. I love his nursery! I go in there to sit and day dream sometimes. I can hear Matt going from room to room looking for me and then he'll peek in the nursery and I'm sitting there rocking back and forth. We keep the door closed so the cats don't ruin anything.

Preggo dream: I had a dream that I was on the way to a friend's graduation party. I was in the car with four other girls. Something happened (I don't remember what, but I don't even think it was pregnancy related) and one of the girls said, "We have to go to the hospital right now. You need to have a C-section." This girl has had a C-section so we trusted her. We were driving down 2 Mile back home, which is a dirt road. I was distraught because Matt wasn't with us and I didn't have a camera. I wanted to stop by the house real quick to get the camera at least, but there was no time. I was very sad.

Getting so close to the end! I just wish I knew when he was coming. The anticipation is the worst! But also, so exciting! Anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks until we're holding our little man! 14 days until due date!

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