Friday, February 10, 2012

Come What May

Just some reasons why I love my husband.
On the top of the picture is the description of the event.
Below the picture is a more recent story.

Matthew at Grandma and Grandpa's (he says at least) being a stinker pants.

Sometimes I'll find him sneaking around the house. He's tip toeing and trying not to make any noise at all. Sometimes I figure out why he's being so stealthy. Other times I'm not sure. Either way, it's adorable.

Matthew has a little owie. Look at that poochy lip!

When I leave for work in the morning I kiss him goodbye. He is normally still sleeping. We both say "I love you" but he sleeps with a pillow over his head. Every once in awhile he doesn't hear me say "I love you" but I always do. When he does not hear it, as I walk towards the door to leave his head pops up and he says with a concerned voice, "Love you?". I reassure him that I do love him and that I said it before. I love that he makes sure that I love him.

This is in February 2004. We were just friends at this point. But... at this retreat I told one of my friends that I thought I was growing a crush on him!

I have some definite physical flaws that truly truly bother me. Matthew reassures me that he doesn't care, that I am beautiful, and that he loves me. Our friendship grew before any romantic feelings. That is why our relationship is so solid.

This is on our chorale tour in London. We both developed crushes on the other on this trip. Here we were goofing off during a group picture. I love our expressions when zoomed in. I imagine him going "Brrrrm" like a poot sound and me cracking up.
Matthew makes me laugh like no one else. I didn't even know I could laugh like that! I get to the point where I cannot stop laughing and have difficulty breathing. My eyes water, I squeal, I make all kinds of strange noises when trying to get breath. Eventually I start coughing and it takes about 20 minutes to get back to a normal breathing pattern.

This was Dec. 21, 2004, the day after we officially began dating. Matthew came to my family Christmas. I am holding Livy who was only 2 months old. Matt was holding Calvin who was 5 months old. You can see the spit up on his sleeve and pants!

Matt has always been good with my nephews and nieces. He makes it a point to spend special time with each of them when we visit home. He took the time to get to know their individual personalities throughout their lives, even when we were just dating. I love that he is involved with my family.

June 2007. This is just moments after he popped the question. We were at Six Flags in Georgia with Matt's little brother and his then girlfriend. We had ridden the fast coasters all day and took a break for the skyride. When we took off from the depot Matt turned to me and began the speech. He got down on one knee in the small cab and asked me to marry him!

Matthew is always trying to plan something nice for me. He plans date nights to movies, day trips out of town for something different, gets me flowers on random days, brings home treats and goodies that he knows I like, and tried to schedule a prenatal massage for Valentine's Day for me. We wanted a couples massage but there was not availability when both of us were free and the prenatal masseuse was available. We may still try to find another time, but it truly is the thought that counts!

One of our engagement photos. I live the dark shading and our serious expressions.

I am so proud of my husband for training so hard to enter the military. He has pushed himself to his limits and has learned so much about perseverance, strength, and attitude- all things that will benefit his future military career.

Our wedding day.

My husband did all the dishes last night. I had been overly exhausted due to being sick, being in the third trimester, and working full time. I had let the dishes pile up and was cooking dinner when I really wanted to go straight to bed. While I was cooking dinner he did all the dishes. I told him I would do them later but he said he wanted to help.

Our wedding reception.

Matt always tries to plan nice trips for us. We went to London for our honeymoon. He mentioned the other day that we should go to Atlantis for a pre-deployment vacation before his first deployment. You do not understand just how amazing this is. I have wanted to go to Atlantis since MK & A did a movie there, I think that was in junior high? Matthew does not like hot weather and a vacation sitting on a beach all day does not appeal to him in the least. There is another destination we have been discussing for an anniversary trip, which may become the pre-deployment destination. Again, his willingness to plan a vacation just for me is enough!

Playing with baby kitten, Maxie, shortly after we brought him home in 2010.

I know Matthew will be a remarkable father. He has grown more and more in love with Jackson as this pregnancy has progressed. He talks to Jackson, kisses my belly, reads bedtime stories to Jackson. This may sound silly, but the way he plays with the kitties really does show how wonderful of a father he will be. If he can act that lovingly with cats how much stronger will he love our baby?

Winter 2010. Building a snowman.

I love how creative Matt is. He is so excited to play legos with Jackson. He already has big plans for the sets he will get Jack for birthdays and Christmas! It was difficult getting him to wait to buy those. Small pieces are not ideal for a little baby.

Our visit to Matt's parents in July 2011. This is right about the time baby Jackson was conceived!

I love how much Matt cares about his family. This is another reassurance of what an amazing father he will be.

The night I told Matt about Jackson. We got lucky that he is a he! I chose that outfit thinking it was gender neutral... it is SO much cuter for baby boy than for a possible baby girl.

Matthew has been getting excited about baby things. When we receive boxes in the mail he will text me that they have arrived. He usually adds something like "Yay!" to show his excitement. When we walk through stores he'll stop to look at cute onesies and sleepers. He wants to buy things for the baby just as much as I do. I love how involved he is.

These are just some of the reasons why I love my husband. I have been so incredibly blessed to have him as my second half. I could list many many more reasons why I am blessed and thankful for him... but for now, let me just say that I love my husband so much! Come What May was our wedding song. The main line is "Come what may I will love you to my dying day." Matthew certainly has not made that difficult for me. I am so thankful he is the father of my child and I cannot wait for them to meet!

[Edit: Feb. 13, 2012]

I originally planned to write this post because several of the stories below the pictures I had noticed recently. This made me really appreicate my husband. I forgot to include one story.

The other day I was sitting on the guest room bed reading. This is also where Matt's desk is located. Pictures to come once we organize that room a bit. We just moved the furniture in there recently due to needing the other space for the nursery. I was lying in there because we leave the door open for the cats and they don't like it when I go in our room and shut them out.

I noticed that on Matt's desk there was a framed picture of me that was not there before. This picture was a head shot of me at my high school open house. Unfortunately, if someone who didn't know me then saw the picture they might think it was taken recently. Similar hair style and I haven't changed all that much. Really? Seven years later and I don't look any older?

Anyways, he had rearranged his desk and the picture was right next to his monitor.

This is adorable.

And that is another reason why I love my husband!

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