Tuesday, February 14, 2012

50 Days

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am not big into celebrating Valentine's Day, but today is special. 50 days from today is our due date! We'll see how close little man comes to that date! Whether he comes early or late, I really don't care. I am just so excited to meet him!

A few things:

1) My Valentine was my dear friend, Cheryl. She recently moved out of state but came back for the week to finish up some things at her old job. Her husband is at their new place, mine is working. So... insta-date! We had a delicious dinner, excellent conversation, discussed the best and worst parts of The Hunger Games, watched Juno, and organized baby clothes. Seriously, it was a great evening. I have been blessed with great friends! I would normally be super upset about her moving away, but she promised to come visit after Jack is born. Plus, who knows how much longer the Iveson family will be in Lynchburg anyways?

2) I sold 5 books to amazon.com/sellbooks. I'm only selling them 5 at a time so I can take them to LU to ship. It's free shipping with a printable label after you confirm your books. The buy back is for amazon credit, but seriously, who couldn't find a good use for amazon credit? Those 5 books sold for $162! Score. I have about 15-20 more to go so we'll see how much cash we bank! Easy money.

3) I had forgotten how much I like my iMac. I haven't used it since I moved my office downstairs. My macbook lives by the side of the couch so it's much more convenient. I may need to use the iMac more often though. I needed to print the shipping label so on came the computer. The mouse is much easier to maneuver.

4) I bought 70 baby hangers today. They were in packs of 10 for $1. Seriously can't beat that. So I bought 70 thinking that would be more than enough for our baby clothes. Wrong! I used all the hangers and still have a large pile to go! I guess I'll be making another trip to Walmart tomorrow! Thankfully, the clothes are in all sizes so baby Jack should be well outfitted throughout his first year. The clothes are so adorable too! I can't wait to get the rest of his room organized.

5) I haven't been reading too much lately. I've been so exhausted that all I want to do to unwind is sit in front of the TV. Boring, redundant, and lazy. I need to stretch my mind. So... hopefully more reading to come! I still have a pile of books on my night stand that I've started and need to finish. The pile is getting smaller, however, so I am making progress.

Tomorrow comes another preggo update!

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