Friday, January 13, 2012

Waiting on the Weekend

Crib came in the mail yesterday! That means this weekend we will most definitely be moving around the furniture so I can put the crib together! Plus, the changing table is ordered and the chair will be ordered soon. Need someplace for all these news things to go! Plus, our bedroom is getting cluttered with all of Jack's things. He needs his own space! So excited for the nursery to come together. Hoping the curtains come back in stock at Target so I can order them!

Last night I had a dream that baby came! He would have been 12 weeks early. Not good. So in the dream I was stressed about the fact that he was so early. I went through the entire labor process, which was certainly not enjoyable. I think the stress was getting to me more than the labor pains, however. (Maybe I was having contractions during the night or maybe Jack was bouncing around a lot!) In the end the doctors decided to perform a C-section since Jack was so early. I don't think we got to see or hold Jack, at least I don't remember that part. But I woke up feeling unwell. Sigh. At least it was just a dream, right?

I came into the office late so will be staying a little late to make up the time. I am so ready for the weekend! Matt and I went grocery shopping yesterday so I will make a delicious dinner then start moving the lighter items around upstairs. I have a lot of books that need to be moved downstairs, all my office supplies, my iMac, and then all the knick knacks in the guest room (it's kind of become a catch all when I don't want to find room for things elsewhere). Plus I should set up the clothes rack my mom gave us when we were in Michigan (it's nice going to her house because I can usually find lots of good stuff there that she's willing to part with!) and hang my winter wardrobe on it. That will free up the office closet for more storage. Then the nursery closet will be empty and Jack's clothes can finally be organized! He will be one adorable little baby!

While this weekend has a lot of to-do chores... it will be so refreshing to begin getting things organized. I've been procrastinating way too long! So excited for this weekend! So thankful I no longer have school to focus on. Also thankful that I don't have to worry about traveling for work during this time. I have three events scheduled for the next three months... all mid-week. Only one overnight trip. I feel blessed. A nice light workload while waiting for baby.

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