Monday, January 16, 2012


Sometimes I'm just lazy for the sake of being lazy, I think. I need to kick that habit in the rear end!

Matt and I finally moved the office furniture around! I have to clean the old office and then we can move the guest bed in there. Matt is a little wary about fitting the guest bed and his desk in there comfortably. But even though he measured it (as in he stood against the bed and held his hands out to each side and then moved into the office to "measure"... we're so scientific!) and it fit plenty well, he still doesn't care for the idea. But... that room is the only one we could ever get the internet hookup to work in. So his desk will have to stay there since he gave away his wireless chip. We could always buy him another one... but all our extra $$$ is going towards baby.

Speaking of which, I need to move money from our checking to our credit card. Just one moment... there. I kept forgetting to do it! We received our hospital bill for the delivery in December. If we paid it before the delivery then we got 10% off (that's in addition to Matt's 20% employee discount!)... so I had been waiting for a "good time" to pay it off. Well, I decided to go ahead and put it on the credit card last week. We had enough to pay half of it right then and my payday was Friday. So we'd be able to pay the rest of it off. Well, the charge didn't come through for a couple of days and then I kept forgetting (I mean, it's only been a weekend). So when it pops in my mind and I'm in front of a computer I have to take care of it. It's nice paying bills and not having to worry about them! Only two more payments for our prenatal bills (we had a monthly payment plan) and then... baby! Sigh... for just prenatal and hospital bills we've forked out almost $5000. That's what we get for having the high deductible. My dad's advice... apparently we actually saved money? I'll take his word for it! At least we have the money. That's a blessing.

Anyways, so my desk and computer area is now in the living room. There are five shelf bookshelves on either side of my desk filled with books and knick knacks. Once it looks pretty and organized there will be pictures! I like the area so far. It's very open and it will be so convenient for when baby is napping etc. I have two possible places for the pack n play downstairs, we'll see where it ends up once I get it and put it together. The cats are getting used to the new setup.

Speaking of which, Emily still hasn't had an accident! I don't know if it's the second litter box (which is the only one she uses now), the foil on the couch, the spray bottle we keep on the couch, or the calming spray we bought. I'll keep using it all though! I want to have her accident free for 3 months before we test her with no foil. Maybe by then she will have forgotten her preference for cushion-y bathrooms. Maybe she can even sleep on the guest bed by then! We also ordered her the kitty prozac, so hopefully that'll help for when Jackson comes home. She probably won't like the added noise or the fact that Matt and my attention will be elsewhere.

Even though we didn't move the guest bed or put together the crib and changing table this weekend, I still feel accomplished! It's coming along... slowly. We still have 79 days until due date, so plenty of time!

This Friday I have my glucose test, ick. Then next weekend is my Michigan baby shower!

We have our maternity photo shoot scheduled for February and then my Lynchburg baby shower.

Then the month of March I will be anticipating that baby coming!

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