Thursday, January 19, 2012

It is seriously such a relief to be finished with school! When I get home from work I don't have to feel pressured with time constraints. I can relax, do nothing, read, watch TV, do anything I want without feeling guilty for putting off my homework! I enjoy learning and I even enjoy schoolwork. I don't mind reading textbooks, researching things, and doing busy work. But... this grad school business just wasn't fun. I did enjoy the topics of my classes, which at least made it interesting. I just was ready to be finished. I think I honestly was just waiting to be a mommy. Luckily, that timing worked out perfectly! I sure would have lost all motivation if baby came before I was finished with my degree!

I am so excited to get our baby things and set up the house in preparation for Jackson to arrive! We have been putting off putting together his crib and changing table for no good reason. But it will get done and it will be beautiful and I'm sure I will love it! I am excited for the pack n play that will go in the living room for naptime and downstairs diaper changes. I am excited for his sleeper that will act as his bassinet when he's small so I don't have to put him away in his nursery. I am excited for his carrier so we can go on outings with him all bundled up and close! I am excited for his super soft burp clothes that will seem permanently attached to my shoulder. I am excited for the super adorable clear pacis I found for him that hopefully he won't spit out. I am excited for all the toys I found already that I have big plans for when he's old enough to play. I chose toys that could be used as learning tools. I am excited to read to him. We already have a good number of children's books. Can't wait to add to his little children's library. I am excited to learn how to make baby food in my baby food processor! That will be an adventure!

So many fun things to pamper this little man! Of course, it will be hard to make use of all his things when all I'll want to do is hold him all day! I know your arms get tired... but when he's sleeping, why put him in his crib/sleeper/pack n play when I could hold him with the boppy? My sister said she doesn't think she put her eldest down for his entire first 6 months of life! It's so funny how it doesn't get old looking at your baby. When my friend had her baby, we would have ladies night and all just sit around watching him wiggle in his sleep! It didn't get old and was always so amusing. I can only imagine how much more enthralled I'll be with Jack! It will be difficult for me to share him with others. I imagine it being difficult even letting Matthew have a turn with him, but I'm sure I'll love watching him snuggle our little one. He will be such an amazing father. I am so blessed.

It's time to go do the dishes. I have let them pile up once again and they need to be put in the dishwasher. Yup, sometimes we're just that lazy. We have a nice dishwasher and we just pile the dishes in the sink! Then maybe some reading and then bed! I haven't had good nights of sleep the past two nights due to feeling unwell or just being wide awake. I plan to thoroughly enjoy this weekend and rest something good!

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