Monday, January 02, 2012

Dream realization

So remember when I said I have a strange knack for remembering my dreams? Make of this what you will...

Dream 1: I'm a trip somewhere. Not so strange, since my job involves travel. But then I realize we're stopping at this train station. So we must have been on a train. It's a good solid train too, similar to the Hogwarts Express. The train station is all wooden, with a wrap-around porch, and there's this old timey store inside. Imagine the old west, or a scene from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. So my friends and I (because suddenly my friends are in the dream too) are wandering through the store looking at stuff and there's this frozen yogurt machine off to the side. You have to exit the store to get to it. Strange. So I go and get myself some frozen yogurt... and there walks up this old friend of mine. We chat and he talks about my baby in my belly. That was when I realized (meaning: in the dream I had this deja vu feeling) I had been here before. Not with these friends and certainly not with this old friend. But I have visited this train station several times before in dreamland. Different themes in the dreams (which I don't remember) but it is a very present background. That is interesting. So it is not a recurring dream, necessarily, but just a recurring location? One that is not real, but a figment of my imagination.

Dream 2: I am at my sister's house and we are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. We are in the kitchen making some kind of dessert and we are waiting for a semi-relative to show up. I say that, because this individual is not a relative. She is the niece of my aunt (who is my aunt by marriage). I just happen to know her because her family would come camping with ours every once in awhile since I was the same age as she and her sisters. Anyways, she is in town and she promised to stop by to say hello. Eventually she arrives and she has her boyfriend with her. Surprise surprise, he is one of my old camp boyfriends! (side note: do you remember how silly camp boyfriends were? We felt the strong need to pair off during that one week of camp and we emailed and IM-ed a little when we returned... but nothing after that. But, it was ever so important to pair off during that week. To hold hands. To have a partner when the mid-week dance came. This particular camp boyfriend happened to live close to me and we discovered we went to the same church once upon a time... but he was moving out of state that summer anyways) Now, this actually wasn't so strange because both this not-relative and ex-fling had moved out of state when we were younger, both went to college in the same southern state, so sure, they met and began dating. Ex-fling and I pretended not to know each other out of respect for this non-relative.

Strange, what dream world brings up! Yes, I woke up and promptly facebook stalked both the non-relative and ex-fling. I suppose with facebook it's easier to stay in contact with camp friends and camp boyfriends. I mean, we were at camp when I was in... maybe 8th grade? I didn't get on facebook until my senior year of high school. Ex-fling and I didn't become facebook friends until well into college. So maybe camp romances aren't quite so silly. I mean, we both remembered each other's names, right? If Matthew and I hadn't been together ex-fling and I could've totally ended up together! (sense the sarcasm)

In other news: Emily is currently spending the day at the vet. I took her in for her Behavior Analysis. She hates the car so on the way over I coo-ed at her. Promising no shots, even though I know she doesn't understand me. Well, she got a shot. I knew she was overdue but hoped they would just overlook that. Oh well, I guess it's good to keep her up to date. She was a little more squirmy than usual, but that's to be expected I suppose. I felt bad leaving her there. Her big eyes looking out of her carrier at me. But they're going to run some tests on her urine to make sure nothing is wrong there and if that all checks out we'll leave with some kitty prozac. Hoping that will help with our urinating on furniture problem. Although, we've put foil on the couch every time we aren't sitting on it and got that extra litter box. Since then she hasn't had any accidents. Granted, it's only been 1 week.

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