Wednesday, January 04, 2012

27 Weeks!

This is the last week of the second trimester! So excited to start the last leg of the journey. While baby coming right on time or late would be the better option as far as work, insurance, etc goes... I am so anxious to hold our little one that I'm hoping he comes early! I'm sure once March hits it will get even worse!

Here's the weekly picture. I never feel the pictures do my belly justice, but then everyone says that I'm a lot smaller than they thought when they see my pictures. With the third tri I'll start wearing my tighter maternity tops so the belly is more evident. I bought this shirt about 2 years ago. It's a normal size XS shirt from The Limited... but when I bought it I knew I would use it as a maternity shirt too! Love it!

Around 22 Weeks I looked down and discovered I could no longer see my toes! I kept forgetting to get a picture though. So here ya go. This is the view i get when I look down.

I think I have finally settled on all my nursery furniture etc. That is a relief seeing as how we don't really have that much time to order it, receive it, put it together, etc before baby arrives! When we were at Babies R Us talking to a rep she thought that the chair we wanted would take about 8 weeks to arrive! Is that really necessary? We're not getting that chair, so hopefully it won't be such a long shipping process. I should probably measure the stairway and the nursery to be sure it won't be obnoxiously big. I have an image of how big the chair will be in my mind... but I could be horribly wrong! Once we get the crib and chair I'll be able to organize the nursery. I wish we could paint the walls, but our lease doesn't allow it. They repaint between all tenants anyways and we don't even have to pay for it... so why do they care if we change the paint?

We finally bought a new bookshelf and I'm starting to move my office downstairs. Slowly. I put the Harvard Classics on the new bookshelf- they had been sitting in two boxes downstairs. That's took up a little more than 2 shelves worth... and that's with stacking some of them on top of each other! So... once I get all my other books downstairs with the tall bookshelf we already own... we may need to purchase another one? Oh dear. I'm still planning on keeping the small bookshelf upstairs. We'll see how that works. Hoping that all the furniture that is getting moved downstairs will be moved by this weekend. Then we can move the guest bed and make sure it will fit how we need it to in the office. At least I have an excuse to redecorate the house. I'm only buying new things for the nursery so it's not even costing us $$$!

Preggo-ness: Well, the whole sleeping through the night thing has ended. I wake up at least twice to go potty now. Last night I fell asleep around 9:30, woke up at 11:30 feeling very refreshed... and didn't fall back asleep until 5:30! Needless to say I didn't feel well this morning when my alarm went off so I took a sick day. I slept in and am trying to keep myself awake until tonight so hopefully it doesn't happen again! I suppose it's good practice for when little man gets here though. With sleeping, one of our king size pillows has become my best friend! I didn't want to get a preggo pillow because I don't know what I'd do with it when I wasn't using it. I clutch the king size pillow to me and it helps support my belly and takes strain off my hips. I don't normally sleep on my side so it also helps keep me there instead of rolling onto my stomach and being uncomfortable. My blood vessels have been pretty evident since fairly early on in my pregnancy, but now it's so ugly! All around my arms, bust, and belly these little blue rivers are popping out more and more! I guess it should make it easy when I get an IV for the birth... bright side, right? Matt said I had a "happy trail", which I never had before and I promptly corrected him. Baby needs blood flow so it certainly is NOT a happy trail. Thank goodness for What to Expect so I was forewarned about all these little niceties of pregnancy! I finally felt Jackson hiccuping last night! It was actually early this morning while I was awake. It was very rhythmic so I didn't think it was kicking or punching. I checked my pulse to be sure it wasn't just my own heartbeating. It lasted for about 15 minutes. So adorable!

Aversions: Salmon. I don't like seafood at all. Ever. Matthew made Salmon last night and had leftovers for lunch. It stinks up the whole house. Disgusting!

Cravings: Breakfast sandwiches! Late at night I have begun dreaming of what I will eat for breakfast and end up getting out of bed and making it right then! I rotate between microwavable ham and cheese croissants and an egg and cheese bagel. Delicious. I need to go to the store today and buy some more. I've been trying to make more food at home to take for lunches or breakfast to work. I had been stopping at Hardies at least twice a week for the last while because their breakfast is so good! But that's a lot of $$$ we don't need to be spending. So I've been making due with what we have in the kitchen. Slowly learning.

This isn't a craving, but I had my first cup of regular coffee during pregnancy yesterday. I walked all the way down the the food cart at Thomas Road for some decaf and they were out. So I decided just to go ahead and get the regular. Baby bounced all around all afternoon! It was fun, but definitely won't be a regular occurrence. I want a peaceful, sleeping baby as much as possible!

I've been thinking about certain things I need to refresh myself on in preparation for raising a child! Not everything right away, but as he grows I'll need to keep myself up to date! For instance, the other day I saw something about the Santa Maria and I couldn't remember the other two boats! I thought Nina was one... but wasn't sure. Who doesn't remember the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria? When I was a child I would rush home to tell my parents what I had learned that day. I asked them "Do you know..." to see if they knew. They always did. I don't want to get stumped on something I should know! Math and science are going to be especially hard when it comes to helping with homework. I was a fine student, but I never tried to hold onto that information after I passed the class!

I've gained 15 pounds so far. Not too bad. As long as I don't gain a bunch in the next week I'll be right on track for where I wanted to be at 7 months. Surprisingly (t0 me), I've begun feeling "fat". I know it's baby weight, but I still have been discouraged about my round body. Just the woman in me coming out, I suppose. Without knowing I was feeling discouraged, the other day Matt looked at me and said, "You know, besides your belly, you can't tell at all that you're pregnant or gained weight." That was slightly comforting. Some work friends seconded that. It's good to hear even if I don't feel it.

To back this feeling up, this is the picture we took of me the first night we found out. I look at this and it's hard to remember looking like that! To think, I had wanted to lose weight even then! Once baby comes I want to lose all my pregnancy weight plus 5 lbs at least. But now, looking at that picture... if I get back to that shape I'll be happy!

In other news: Maxie might be coming into his snuggly phase! He hasn't been a super snuggly kitty up to this point. He likes to be pet and will crawl on your lap... but he sits still for about 5 seconds and then gets distracted. Recently he has been crawling on Matt and my laps and staying for several minutes or following me around meowing until I stop and pet him for awhile. I love snuggly cats so I hope this phase stays! He'll be turning 2 in the next couple months (I don't remember if he was born in Feb or March) so maybe he's getting out of his rowdy kitten stage. Emily hasn't had an accident since last Tuesday. That was the first (and only) accident she had since we got rid of the old couch. I got some new spray for the couch to clean it plus some pheromone spray that should help calm her so she doesn't urinate. The vet prescribed Kitty Zantac so hopefully that will help her when she gets anxious also. When we go on trips from now on we might board her at the vets so she doesn't have the opportunity to pee on things while we're away. Maybe all of this combined will help and she'll be a good kitty. One week with no accidents, here's hoping for two!


GOOD NEWS!!! So my amazing friend, Danielle, sent me a picture of a Quinny tram in my first tri. I loved it. I bought it. Then discovered that it took up entirely too much room. So I was going to try to sell it. This same friend directed me to Lynchburg Online Yard Sale on facebook. I posted a pic and didn't get much interest. Sigh. Then... someone wanted it! Hurrah! Today I met her to look over the item. She bought it! Huzzah! Same price I paid. Lovely! So happy!

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