Thursday, January 05, 2012

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on webpages are meant to be helpful. You can rank the item with stars, list pros and cons, and then write whatever else you think is beneficial to future buyers.

Well, customer reviews just ruined my lunch break! I had registered for a changing table. I am selling back all the textbooks from my Master's degree to I plan to use this credit to purchase diapers or a changing table or both. Something needed for baby. Well, I compared reviews on Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon. Head-ache!

How can one item get both 5 star ratings and 1 star ratings? I understand that some people have higher standards than others, some people can never be pleased, and some people are easy to please. But you would think there would then be more 3 star ratings as well. Nope. Either people love the item or hate the item. I compared a bunch of different changing tables of varying prices and it was all the same story.

I left the three I like the most looks-wise on my amazon wish list for later. But I'm pretty sure I know which one I'll end up with. It had the most positive reviews and is very basic. It should match the crib I chose nicely without being too matchy matchy. We'll see how it works out.

Seriously though, customer reviews are more hassle than helpful!

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