Monday, November 28, 2011

Stupid disappointments

Sometimes I get disappointed over nothing.
  • Like the fact that the birthday present I ordered Matthew "from" Jackson won't be here in time for his birthday. I ordered it last week thinking it would ship right away... but it hasn't shipped yet and I have the sneaking suspicion that it hasn't been made yet (from Etsy). Sigh, they should include the timeframe they will need to make it and then ship it in the item description. Oh well.
  • Like the fact that my amazing deal on some maternity clothes from Gap are expected to arrive only a couple days before we leave for Michigan. Again, why so long? Why not shipped today and received by the end of this week? If they don't fit right that leaves me zero time to exchange them. Sad. While I definitely would exchange them and use them for the duration of this pregnancy, I was really hoping they would be ready for MI. They might be, but they might not.
  • Like when work plans suddenly get changed when we had finally finally finally settled on something. Once decision are made people need to not go back and change their minds at the very last minute. That is frustrating and unorganized. (speaking of another department we're working with for an event)
  • Like nothing sounding appetizing so I feel like I'm going to starve.
  • Like having zero motivation to finish grad school and kinda feeling like a slacker/failure because of that.
  • Like the fact that my feet smell because my shoes smell. No, it wasn't a product of today... but my shoes smell from previous exposure and long days in warm climates. The shoes are slightly old and should probably be replaced... but I love them. I also don't want to buy new shoes.
  • Like the fact that Jeep apparently is not longer making Commanders. So by the time we're ready to replace my Cherokee I will either have to go with the newest model they made no matter how old it is... or find a different model. Maybe they'll introduce it again by that time. The Grand Cherokee is back, which used to be my next upgrade. Sigh.

But then my husband goes and melts my heart.
  • Like when he called and left me a voicemail today asking if we could take our nephews and nieces to the Museum when we visit Michigan. We have three nephews and two nieces ranging in age from 10 to 2.
  • Like when he told me that some decisions we need to make about our future are dealing with a "pride issue" with him and he knows he needs to just get over it.
  • Like when he comes and gets me from my homework so we can listen to the sermon podcast because I wasn't feeling well enough to go to the regular service.
  • Like when he asks me to meet him for dinner when he is working late because he just wants to spend some time with me.
  • Like him finally feeling Jackson kick! More on that in the preggo update post.
  • Like when he listens to me tell him what happened in Grey's Anatomy like they're my friends in real life.
  • Like when he vacuums the house without being asked because he knows I really, really, really don't like that chore.
  • Like when he yells at me for cleaning the kitty litter because it might hurt the baby.
Those are just some of the ways he melts my heart. He is such an amazing husband and already such a wonderful Daddy. I can't wait for him to be able to hold Jackson. I already have such a bond with this little guy but I know it'll be so different for Matt once he's able to see and hold him. It will be a very good day!

Ok. Enough procrastination. Time to work some on homework so I can spend the rest of the evening watching pointless TV drama and trying to find something to eat that sounds good.

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