Saturday, July 02, 2011


I slept half the day away. Quite literally. Oh well, it's Saturday.

I was planning on going to the gym with Matt when he got home from work. But then he decided he didn't want to go in the heat. So I got all prettied up and we went out for dinner instead.
Then we headed over to Walmart and I got some decorations for the bookshelf in the living room (once we can find a pantry so we can move the bookshelf that is the make shift pantry), Ice Age 1 and 2 in a double feature, a new planner from July 2011-December 2012 (amazing! adorable. perfect for my new job when I have to keep track of my trips and meetings), and some dishwasher beads. Matt got some ammo for his new rifle and a UFC DVD.

We came home. Organized our new purchases. He actually watched Ice Age with me. So adorable. I like kids movies because they are clean.

I had already finished a lot of my homework earlier today. But now I need to write a 3 page paper. Then probably read the rest of my articles for my research paper. I will finish my research paper by Monday! It's not due until Friday, but I want to have it over and done with.

So... the end.


It is now a few hours later. Paper written. Turned in. I checked the grade on my last paper (we have a 3 page paper due every week the last 4 weeks of class and then a 15-20 page paper due the last week alongside the last 3 page paper... stink) and saw I got 100. Thank you very much, professor.

I'll try to read through my articles tonight. I just drank some Diet Coke. I drank two Diet Cokes in the past month. before that it had been years since I had last had one. What was I thinking? Delish! Anyways, it has caffeine. But caffeine doesn't generally do much for me. Makes me talk faster, but I can still sleep if I want to. But we'll see. Matt is working in the morning so I can sleep in again if I want. For the holiday weekend the church service is special anyways. So we'll just do devotions together along with our personal devotions. But... I plan to wake up nice and early anyways to get to work on this 15-20 page paper!

Anyways, I was looking on facebook at some pictures. Firstly, trying to figure out what to do with my hair. Sometime this week I'll probably add some long layers. I don't like layers in long hair that go up to your chin. Too much. So maybe some long layers to help with the heaviness. Possibly even some sweeping bangs. But most likely not. Not in the summer. Greasy, ew.

But... I kinda wanna chop all my hair off too. We'll see what it looks like after the layers. I generally like my hair longer than short. So I was looking at some pictures of others' haircuts.

And... I saw some pictures of Spring Hill. I still recognized some of it. I loved my time at Spring Hill. Matt is so jealous. He went to Lake Ann, which is still a good camp... but not like Spring Hill. When I was younger I would go to horse camp at Spring Hill. When I was older I went to tennis camp mostly. No matter where we live, I hope to send our kids to Spring Hill. We'll fly in to Grandma's, drop off the kids, and I'll spend a week with the family. How's that sound?

I miss camp. I don't necessarily want to go back to being a kid again, but camp was fun! We had crafts. We did archery. We had an amazing zipline. We had full camp games (one year it was swamp trompers vs. land rovers, another year it was Army vs. Navy... the entire camp!). The food was always excellent. I stayed in teepees, covered wagons, and these neato little houses with heated floors. I had a few different camp crushes: and still have contact with them today! Oh the joys of facebook. There was always some kind of dance. Fishersnet played all summer long while I was there. Yes, it was a wonderful time of life. Sigh.

The end, for real this time.

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