Wednesday, June 29, 2011


No, I wasn't in an accident.
I don't think...
But I swear, I now know what whiplash feels like!
My upper back, shoulders, and neck have been sore the past few days.
If you know me, you know I have had back issues my whole life.
My dad is a Dr. so I don't go to the Chiropractor.
But this is horrible.
Today, I couldn't even turn my head. I had to turn my entire body.
And... sitting in a less-than-decent computer chair... staring at a computer screen... at a desk that is not build for short people... did not help the situation any.
Plus, now I am finishing homework.
Which means my neck is at odd angles to read and type and all that other junk.
I'll probably end up getting a massage because my husband has tried and he can't believe how hard and horrible my back feels.
Yeah, it feels even worse when it's attached to your body.
Oh wait...

Anyways, good news: I already got my entire credit back from Etsy.
The seller is sending me a shipping label to send it back to her as well.
I'm sad it didn't work, but no point in keeping it if it's too small.
I considered keeping it to use as a baby bag in the future, but I'm sure I'll find a million other baby bags I like between now and then.

Other news: next week I finish my class. Woot.
This week I started another class. Boo.
Double homework,
At least it's a holiday weekend. I should have plenty of time to write my research paper.
I've only read about half the articles so far. Whoops.

Excellent news: 2 days left at my current job.
Begin my new job Tuesday.
After a holiday weekend.
Then I get to go on vacation for a week.
Which includes an outdoor pool, California, Shamu, and my amazing in-laws.
Great news.

Wish I could give you the best news: but alas, still no baby bump.
I'm turning 24 in a month.
Birthday present? That's all want.
I still haven't gotten an anniversary present because there's nothing I want.

No more baby talk, promise.

Needed a break from homework. I have one more discussion post to write before bed.
I should go to bed now... but if I do it tonight I don't have to do it tomorrow.
That sounds nice.

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