Monday, May 02, 2011


Generally I enjoy household chores.
Really, I do.
Makes me feel like a good wife.
And my husband SO desires it.
But lately I've been slacking.
I'm working on putting away the past two weeks worth of laundry.
Somehow the laundry for this week didn't get done.
So it's getting done now. And tomorrow.
I'm sitting (literally) on the load that goes in my winter/dress closet.
Our bedroom floor is a mess of piles of clothes.

The dishes didn't get done this weekend either.
Good news: the dishwasher is taking care of that as I type.

I haven't adequately sanitized in a while.
Or vacuumed.
But we're having some house guests next weekend so I guess it'll have to get done at some point.

I was also supposed to write some more of my paper tonight after work.
That didn't happen.

So much to do before BEACH WEEKEND!

Oh dangit. I just realized that if we're having house guests that means all the random piles of my "get rid of it" junk will need to be put away somewhere. Not necessary organized or anything fancy, but out of sight.
Oh well. It's good to have a clean house.
Thankfully, my husband understands and doesn't mind piles of junk.
My house actually isn't that bad... but I like it pretty neat.

Maybe Wednesday... if I finish my paper tomorrow.
I need to go to bed.

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