Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of Celebrity Crushes

I should have been doing this ^. I did a little. Mostly I just bummed around. Then I got a text and decided...

... to go out with some of these girls instead. I have a group of friends who are all married. Some are pictured above and some couldn't make it to this photo shoot. But I really like this picture.

I ate this. It was delicious. Made up for my lack of calories/ carbs/ nutrition for the day. It was wonderful. I picked up a giant brownie for my husband and delivered it to him at work. It was extremely late at night. Good wifey.

I should be reading this. It is only semi-interesting. I could be interesting. But I'm in a school slump. This is not good news. I enjoy learning... but one month off from school has killed my learning spirit.

The other day I watched part of this with my husband. I feel like Christian Bale MADE Batman. Sure, Batman has always been cool... but the film adaptations have always been goofy. Yes, I still own the older versions... but they weren't serious. Why so serious?

Do you really have to ask? He is pretty. Very pretty. Even when he has facial hair. My mother does not agree. Clean shaven is a good look for him however. Clean shaven and power suits. Yum.

He has been a celebrity crush of mine since this ^. Remember that? Yes, I own this as well. When we find movies we like we buy them. That way I can watch them whenever I want. He is now my number 1 celebrity crush and my husband doesn't understand it. He doesn't agree with any of my choices though. Except maybe Jason Statham.

I mean, really? Who wouldn't love this look? I dunno. I also have a thing for suspenders. Matthew has never worn them. He probably won't ever wear them either. I like the look.

And he can dance and sing. Triple threat... even though he doesn't choose to use those talents.

Let's not forget this ^. The unforgettable Laurie. Since Christian is British, I wonder why he hasn't done any other classic characters. Probably not roles he would be interested in... but I (and many of you, I'm sure) would appreciate it!

Ok. So am I being successful in making my posts more interesting? Just adding pictures of my current thoughts?

I am at work. On lunch. I was supposed to be doing homework. But I am saving that for home. makes sense right? This is much more relaxing. Thankfully, I am on chat today. It hasn't been too busy. I've chatted a good number of students. I've answered a good amount of emails. I feel productive.

In sum, I'm feeling pretty good today. I feel a little tired as well. But that's because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Or the night before. And most likely not tonight either. But I suppose that's what the weekends are for.

I still don't want to activate my comments... but I am curious to know if anyone is really reading this. If not, all is well because I do it as catharsis and I have a boring life. If yes, hooray. You love me.

P.S. I love you too.

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