Monday, December 13, 2010

Short Quick Breath of Air

I just needed a short quick breath of [mental] air. Inhale... exhale.

It is week eight of my last class of the fall semester. Sigh of relief... and then... moment of panic once again. Yes, no gradwork for one full month after this week. But I must make it through this week first.

I have printed off all my articles for my research paper. I must have a hard copy to mark up or it doesn't come together. Thankfully, I am a fast ready and a fast writer. I also write how I talk so my research papers come together relatively easily. It's just getting there that seems a strain. But I am thankful that I don't get overly stressed, I always get things done on time, and I've managed to pull straight A's thus far in the class and overall program. That is reassuring.

One of my research articles had the ID of 4...8... etc. I immediately thought 15..16...23...42. Even though LOST is over, the phenomena isn't over. I may relive and rewatch season 1-6 anytime I please. Once this week is over, I will most likely do just that. I was finishing up season one before vacation. I probably wouldn't like the show as much of Josh Hollaway hadn't been in it, truth. I still figure he and Kate were a better match up. I know that was kind of the point, but it would've made me happier in the end. Anyways, I enjoyed LOST. I still enjoy LOST. Part of me wants the Dharma shirt that comes with the special edition.There's a last minute Christmas idea for anyone who wants to buy me something. Just kidding... kinda.

So I am through 1/4 of my articles. Not too bad. I want to read all of them tonight. I don't have to work until noon tomorrow so this is definitely do-able. I had to cut Matt's hair tonight because he wanted it done before going to MEPS. I also had to wait for each of the stinking articles to print. My printer would be extremely slow. At least I didn't run out of paper or ink. That would have been frustrating. Once the articles are read I will write up an outline. I'll format the actual paper. Then just make small talk between the quotes in the outline. Seems like an easy process, right? I should teach a seminar on writing research papers with this method. I began using it in high school and it has always been successful. It's good to move around my quotes first. That way I can get all the hard work done without really realizing it.

Now just to read read read. Of course, I would choose the longer articles. I just looked for interesting titles. Boo on that.

Sidenote: I really liked my outfit today. I wore my cream cords I've had since my senior year of high school from The Gap. A "new" blouse with a brown and white tribal print on it and a ruffle collar from Goodwill/ originally from The Gap. Covered with my guacamole green cashmere cardi from J. Crew that my MIL bought for me two years ago from the Clearance store. All older items. All still in excellent condition. Brought together to form a new outfit. I liked it. A lot. Definitely a re-wear.

I try to dress well. I'm not trendy or even stylish, but I look put together. Often I just wear a top and bottoms and that's it. No accessories or layers. Kind of boring, but it's me. People are amazed when I tell that that most of my clothes come from Goodwill. I find things with the original tags there. I find things that look like they've only been worn once. I find things that are years old... but still look new. If you take the time to look, Goodwill has amazing things. Better to spend $100 on 20 items (or more) then $100 on 2. At least in my opinion.

Last paragraph: My wisdom teeth are coming in. My dentist (from back home... so over 2.5 years ago) said that I didn't have to worry about getting them pulled. He said they would come in straight by the x-ray. I think he lied. They are popping through and unless something changes drastically, I'm thinking they'll have to be pulled relatively soon. They certainly don't look like they're fitting the rest of my teeth. They certainly don't feel like they'll fit in my mouth. Part of me wants to sue my dentist. Back then my parents insurance covered my wisdom teeth. Now... why get dental insurance when we would rarely need extra services and the cleanings are less overall than the monthly insurance payments? Not worth it. I don't want to pay to have my wisdom teeth removed. Plus, back then I would be excuse from school. Now I don't want to use vacation/sick time on stupid wisdom teeth. Poo-dins. Also, a couple days/nights ago (I'm pretty sure I did it in my sleep) I must have bit down hard on my cheek. It swelled (on the inside) and now I cannot talk or close my mouth, or just sit there without it hurting. All the time. It's annoying and makes my job as a call center agent real enjoyable.

Ok. Enough whining. Back to reading.

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