Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010... Hopeful for 2011

Happy New Year's Eve. I am being boring and staying home. Partly because I don't feel super well. Partly because I just want to relax all day. Partly because I want to officially welcome 2011 with my husband, who doesn't get off work until 11:45ish. Partly because I just bought Robin Hood and want to watch it this evening. Boring, yes. But hey, it is what it is.

With a Christmas gift card to Barnes and Noble, I bought The Diary of a Young Girl, aka The Diary of Anne Frank. Never read it before in my life. I always held off and didn't watch the Secret Annex or any other holocaust related movies. Well, except The Pianist. It always was too sad, so I distanced myself. Even when we went to the museum I don't remember much of it except the pile of shoes and how the kid in my "passport" looked like Jordan Mellinger a little. But now, I am older. I have read excerpts from the Diary for one of my classes and it is time. I began reading it. She has much insight for a young girl. But also, she is so completely naive in some ways. I suppose to survive a time like that one would have to be somewhat naive. Or at least to act naive. Hopeful may be a better word. I cannot imagine. She was so young and everyone she knew besides her father didn't make it out alive. What a tragedy. And that's only in recent history.

I have the day off work. That is absolutely lovely. I wish holidays were spread out a little. Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year's all lumped together. Makes for a wonderful winter, however.

Pictures of the family visit. I kept it short and sweet. I have wonderful in-laws.

Family dinner at Neighbor's Place.
My handsome husband with the remnants of our Christmas Eve meal, ribs from Herman's Boy in MI.
Family on Christmas day at our house.
Building a snowmonster with our newly fallen snow!
His idea. I did help. Amusing. You can see well, but he has multiple arms, is a cyclops on the left head, has jagged teeth all around both mouths, and the right head has antennae.
We demolished him when we were through since there are several families in our neighborhood. Didn't want any parents getting upset for the images their children had from our front yard!

And that was basically Christmas. My favorite Christmas present was my new J. Crew puffer coat in rich plum. So comfy and warm!

Other than that, I am very ready for 2011. We have a lot of tentative plans for this upcoming year that I hope all work out. Of course, we're focusing on taking every day by day, month by month, and seeing where God leads us. A lot of possible changes... a lot of steady on's... a lot of faith and hope to come.

Oh yes, we saw Black Swan on Tuesday. I had been wanting too since the initial previews months ago. Not sure if I would necessarily recommend it. Some awkward scenes depending on who you're with. The worst part for me was the finger incident at the cocktail party. Won't go into any more details or spoilers... but that made me majorly cringe. Matt and I watch a lot of psychological thrillers so the other parts weren't as upsetting. I think that a lot of people won't understand that she didn't become psychotic because she became the Swan Queen. She was psychotic all along but we only saw a small portion of her life. Her mother made it seem like she had episodes before, but of course, she didn't remember... or couldn't determine what had been real or imagined. Matthew enjoyed it. Said they portrayed mental illness well. As a mental health counselor, I think his praise speaks well of the overall movie. Makes me wish I were a ballerina. Maybe someday my babies will wear tutus.

Farewell 2010. You've done us good.
The Ivesons

Time for a new look...

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