Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost... Thanksgiving "break"

It is almost Thanksgiving break! I have 3 more hours of work after my lunch is over in a few minutes. Then freedom from work! I even have next week off for vacation to Michigan. I have a lot of homework to do in that time... but so much more worth it if I do not have to work.

Brooke's court hearing was yesterday. Termination of the birth father's rights! Woot! My sister will hopefully be able to adopt her and make her a legal part of our family! I cannot wait to be home and meet/snuggle her all week long!

The past two days at work I was assigned to Live Chat, which is where people can chat via the internet with a representative here instead of calling or emailing. Ironically, most of these students call and email in the same day anyways. I enjoy chat. While it can be confusing as I can have up to 4 chats going at once, it's more relaxing overall. I also answer the emails inboxes. I have access to 4 main inboxes so it keeps me busy when people are not chatting in. I am glad to be part of that team. I should normally have chat once a week in some form or another. It's a nice break from the phones.

I have been really annoyed with people's use of "their,there, and they're" recently. As well as "your and you're". I don't understand how it's so hard. I automatically know the rules since we learned them pretty much every single year in elementary school... all the way through college! I, personally, get confused with effect and affect, so I know language and grammar is difficult. Ah well.

I should go. Time to get back on the clock. Sigh.

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