Thursday, August 05, 2010


I am lying in bed. Cannot sleep. Tomorrow I will probably be tired. Next week is the regular overtime week since all our fall deadlines are then. I think the last round of overtime kicked me in the pants too much. I didn't sign up for any overtime this round. I don't even feel slightly tempted.

Baby puiglet is almost here! Danielle was in labor all day today. Part at home, part at the hospital. Cannot wait to meet him tomorrow when he finally comes! She hasn't released his name yet, but I'm guessing Elijah John. She once told me she always wanted to know her boy Elijah. That was before she was pregnant. And John after his daddy. Since then she could have changed her preference though. That's just my guess.
Cannot wait to meet him! I guess it's past midnight. So hopefully when I'm off work tonight at 7 he'll have made him grand appearance!

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