Thursday, July 01, 2010

Books and Babies

I met Danielle at Barnes and Noble for coffee and a chat. Of course, I ended up buying a book. I also found a good planner. I had been looking for a nice, leather one for a little while. I wanted one at the turn of the year but was unable to find one I liked. I found one that ranged from March 2010 through August 2011. Yes, very random. It will definitely do the job. It was also 50% off. I spent a good half hour filling it up and getting it up to speed with my life and the next month or so. I like having a good planner. I bought one in December for 2010 from Walmart since I couldn't find anything else. Yuck. I was not pleased.

I then went baby shower shopping for this friend. A good thing to do after an hour or so of good conversation. So many cute things. I wasn't able to find everything on her registry and I'm not positive if the things I got for her were on her registry. It sounded the same. If not, there's always the gift receipt! But it was pretty cute stuff either way! I also found adorable wrapping and a cutesy card! So excited for the shower on Saturday and to meet her "little man" in a few more weeks!

I wasn't able to get as much homework as I wanted done tonight. But I did write my Abstract for my Research Paper and now I will go off to finish reading my chapter in my textbook. That just leaves 2 chapters to read for my other class. Once Blackboard comes back online I will take my quizzes and be done for the week. I do have until Monday at midnight to have these done but with working late tomorrow and the baby shower plus a girls night Saturday, I am slightly stressed. I am a fast reader though. And the quizzes only take about 10 minutes themselves. I am just stressed over nothing, I'm sure.

Well, enough wasting time online. I have half a chapter to read tonight. Maybe I'll get around to starting the other textbook reading as well. Too much homework!

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