Thursday, July 01, 2010

Best of Times

Well, kind of worst of times. I've been feeling not so well the past 2.5 weeks. Last night I went to bed at 8:30. I was supposed to finish the chapter in my textbook, but that didn't happen. I did get halfway through. I knew I wouldn't retain the information if I tried to keep going though. I would look back at the portions I highlighted with wonder and when I went to take my quiz would be lost. So much more to do this evening when I get off work! So I've been feeling poorly. Yes, I took a test. No, it wasn't positive. Yes, I was very sad. Double feeling poorly. Sure, it would have been a few months early... but we would have adjusted and it would have been a VERY positive thing. It is for the best though. A few more months and then let the disappointment reign from month to month.

Matt and I have been talking a lot about our future. I've always felt fairly confident about how our lives would turn out. We'd end up somewhere in a comfortable house that we choose and decorate. We would be members of a Bible-believing church and hopefully actively involved in some way. We would have at least three children whether biological or adopted or both. We would have pets, at least cats but hopefully dogs as well. I will always be driving a Jeep. I'll be a stay at home mom that organizes the family schedule. Matt will be a counselor/ psychologist/ psychology something oriented. I figure that is pretty broad. Lots of room for change. I guess I was wrong. There are a few major possibilities we're looking into right now that will significantly change that picture. I liked that picture. God is trying to get me to be more flexible.

No big 4th of July plans, but we both have Monday off work. Woo hoo! Sure, we'll be doing a lot of homework during that time, but it will at least be nice to be together. I look forward to the day when we either work similar schedules or when I get to stay home so it doesn't matter when Matt works. I was thinking about going home for the weekend, but then my friend's baby shower is this Saturday. Can't miss that!

This morning I got out of the shower to hear this horrible whining sound! I was terrified that Maxie had jumped on something and had it fall on top of him. He is a very active kitten and falls off lots of things or pulls things over. So far it hasn't been an issue but this was a continual meow/whine. I run downstairs to find him and what do I find? Both cats locked in the half bath. I let them out and they were so snuggly and meow-y. I felt so bad for them! Yes, I woke Matthew up to scold him. Poor kittens.

2 hours and 45 minutes left until I'm done for the day! Then coffee with my beautiful friend, Danielle. Then shopping for her shower (not with her of course), buying more kitten food, and going to the bank. I also need to pick up some corn on the cob for the "cook-in" tomorrow at work for the 4th of July. Then homework homework homework. Boo. I just want to sleep.

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