Sunday, June 27, 2010


Life is evening out and I am starting to smile again. No, it was not "that time of the month" which is why my nose diving emotions were so worrying last week. Hopefully that little slump has passed. Life is on the Upside once again.

One more week or homework down for my first class. This week starts my second class and my first class will remain in session for the next two weeks as well. Poor Matthew will have three classes going on at once. It doesn't seem so stressful for me now that I've sat down and taken inventory of my assignments for the next two weeks. I just need to remain diligent in my studying. We have some re-evaluation to do concerning Matthew's program and future career. We may be making some extremely unsuspected changes to our future goals... or we may be making some slight alterations to our original life maps. So many decisions to make that could quite possibly change everything I held important. Such as, living in Michigan, buying a house and living there for the majority of our lives, living close to one of our families, no loans for grad school, moving a lot more than anticipated. Yes, lots of decisions to make that could change everything... but I know God will work everything out if we allow Him.

Matt's sister Jamie is in town for a visit! She and her husband currently reside in Texas but will be shortly relocating to Georgia. She stayed with us last night and was going to stay for most of this week, but her in-laws are out of town and offered her their house to stay in. We did have a nice little catch up on life last night and will be going out to dinner later this evening. I hope we get to see her some more this week, but with our work schedules and finishing writing our big term papers to turn in next week, it just might not happen. This is the un-happy part about being an adult with a job and not a lot of flexibility. Oh yeah, that's another thing that could change. We may not have as much flexibility as we thought as far as vacations, family, and me not working. Lots to think about.

My paper is basically written. I've marked up my journal articles that are my sources for my paper. I've been taking detailed notes on them as I've been re-reading them this weekend. I've already formatted my paper and outlined it. I just have to come up with all the in between things that transition me from one paragraph to the next. Being a born writer this should be no problem. I just don't want to sit down and actually do it. It will get done one of these days. Of that I am not worried. Sigh.

One very good thing that happened yesterday, because Jamie was coming to visit we cleaned the whole house. My wonderful husband helped me greatly since I had a horrible migraine most of the day. We put together the guest bedroom, as much as we could. The bed is up and made with the night stand to the side. I am going to hang the picture (along with the rest of the artwork for our house) after buying some sturdier nails this week. Then we just have to see about some extra little decorations for that room. Not sure yet what else we'll put in there... or be able to fit in there, but it will be lovely. The rest of the house is nice and clean. I love having a clean house.

Yesterday we also gave our new guns a test run. I am now the proud owner of a Glock 26. Matthew bought himself a Glock 19. Bringing out household total to 3 handguns. I need more practice but am alright for not having shot a gun too often in my life. Matt thinks I anticipate the recoil so I push the gun down at the last minute making my shots go lower than I aim. I'm trying to fix this. It was still fun.

I am in the market for either a new purse or a new watch. I am extremely picky so it's been difficult to find something I like. Matthew wants to buy me something pretty though. We originally thought a diamond bracelet bangle... but I tried those on and didn't actually like them. Boo. So I'm once again looking. Any suggestions are welcome.

Time to write out the rough draft before dinner. I've been saying that for about a week now!

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