Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homework and handguns

I need to finish my discussion board tonight and post it. I've done everything but the last paragraph. I'm sick of homework. I looked over my next class beginning next week... yeah for those two weeks Matthew and I are going to want to die. Too many classes. Maybe I should rethink overlapping my fall classes and getting done all the sooner. On the one hand... baby. On the other... less life stress. But with baby will come continued stress of a different kind. So many decisions. Yeah, I'll overlap my classes and suck it up. But it will indeed... suck. I also need to read the textbook and take my quiz. This isn't due until Sunday, but I just want to have it done. I should also write my research paper. I thought I would have the first draft done by now. Nope. I'm being lazy. Sigh.

On a different note, I bought my first handgun last night. Yup. It's a Glock 19. I actually like it. I will primarily use the Glock 26 though. We weren't thinking it through when we bought them though. Oh well, the Ivesons currently own three handguns. Woot. We're going shooting Saturday. Should be a good time.

Last night was a horrible night of sleep. I had fallen asleep and was having a great three hours. Then Matt came to bed and coughed up a storm! He isn't sick or anything but he just kept coughing. Boo. So I wake up at 6 and think about calling in sick. I took a sick day on Monday because I was legit sick. I'm feeling fine now health wise... but extremely tired. I'll probably go to bed early and not do my homework. Naw, I'll do pilates tonight to wake me up and then pump out the homework, import some more music, and then go to bed early.

I should probably get to work on my homework for my next class also, huh? Get a head start since I'm already starting to stress about the two week overlap. Why did I sign on for more school? I will be very thankful when it is over. Matthew has considered letting me quit work when I am done and stay home with babies or find a new job that would cover his grad school costs instead of just staying at Liberty. Again, so many decisions to make. The day when Matthew graduates with his degree and we can hopefully move back home and he get settle into his career will indeed be a good day. Full time mommy here I come! Dream job. Until then... working mommy? With part time child care? I suppose I can handle that. I'll probably cry everyday. You give some, you lose some.

Yes, that is seriously what we are thinking about. Disclosure of our future plans. Of course, that is subject to change. It's already changed several times in the past three months! God knows. He always knows.

I think Leviticus is an amusing book. I'm sure it wasn't so amusing when you needed to keep it all straight or your would be stoned... but now it seems so foreign! I am very thankful we do not have to abide by the Old Testament law any longer. Thank you, Jesus! Literally.

The end.

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