Tuesday, May 11, 2010

happiness is...

Ok, one more post and then to bed. Sorry for clogging your feeds, or whatever it's called... Subscriptions? This seriously is therapeutic for me.

So I was lying in bed thinking up things that would make today so much better than it was. Interesting, very random list.

Baby, it's sad how much I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully by that time I'll be more prepared.

Kitten. I want either a tiger stripe kitten or a nermal kitten. All snuggly and with the fuzzy fur that only kittens have.

Not having to go to work. Associated with baby, as they will coincide.

Watching Anne of Green Gables, hopefully getting this for my birthday this year so that will be do-able in the near future.

Short hair, but I'm just not ready.

Going to a Pistons game in a jersey that's my sized.

That last one would please my husband. But I have been looking for a jersey that I like that isn't huge on me. And I do want to go to a game someday when we move back to Michigan.

So many random things that would make me feel better right now. Maybe if I go to bed I'll dream up those things.

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