Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some days I miss it...

Some days I really miss high school... or college. Basically life before I was a grown up with a full time job and no outside life because the rest of time is spent sleeping. Naw, I have plenty of free time and that isn't the problem at all. I just really don't like working. My job in and of itself isn't that bad, as far as jobs go. Sure, it's not anywhere near my career interests, but it pays the bills and gets us where we need to go. But it does get tiring. All day today (this whole week actually) we have been making outbound calls to a certain category of students. Now, that category gets smaller and smaller each day as students do what we need them to do. So that makes the list shorter. But the entire NES team, ADV team, and FA team have been calling the same people. Long story short, we call the same students five times a day (I called someone today at 1:45 who had already been called at 10, 11, and 12 today... it stunk), if the number is the wrong number it isn't connected when we have it deactivated- our system still dials the same wrong number so those people are extremely frustrated with us, and we get yelled at day in and day out. it is quite frustrating. Most days I am ok with this. Usually we only get hung up on or yelled at around 5 times a day. When it is every call though it stinks. Makes me very emotionally exhausted. And I am only halfway through my shift. Well, after lunch I only have three hours left.

But good news, did I mention my new shoes my husband let me get? He let me get fabulous black sandals I will wear all the time (since I decided I don't like flips anymore) and a pair of gorgeous dark gold flats with a cute design on the toe. I'm wearing the latter today. They make me happy. Even though I'm getting a small blister- it's worth it. I love new shoes. I also finally found a wonderful pair of white shorts. I don't like my current pair of white shorts. They are from The Gap, which I love, of course. But they are kind of shaped funny and awkward. So I found a new pair. And they are so comfortable and cute. Perfect for California.

I was going to go to the gym tonight with Matt. We like to go together. But he got called and apparently he was supposed to go in to work... even though it's not on his schedule? Not sure how they figure he was supposed to work when it wasn't on the schedule and he didn't ask for a shift switch. Sigh. I might go by myself. But I might just do my old living room workout. It almost seemed more effective. Yeah, I'll probably do that. I can watch a movie while I exercise then .

We have some possibilities for our next living arrangement! So excited. We're starting to view new homes. Can't wait to move!

The end.

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