Friday, March 19, 2010

about to go to sleep

I am very very tired. And yet, here I lie. Still awake. It'll probably be one of those nights where I fall asleep as soon as I shut off my ever wandering brain and don't wake up until my alarm goes off. I work late tomorrow. Means I get to sleep in. Delicious.

All the "children" in my family are inked. (definitely talking about the Iveson side) I am the only one who is not. Part of me wants to. But I don't think I'd want it forever. Maybe until I'm 40. Then I'd want it gone. No matter what it was. And that keeps me from getting one. Plus I want to be a very conservative, the gap-esque kind of mom. Which will be here soon. And in my mind, the picture of me as a mother most definitely does not include a tattoo. No matter how small or how pretty it is for a time. Nope. Every once in a while I really want one though. This is one of those times. Kind of like the idea of perming my hair. I'll never do either. But I wish I would. But only sometimes.

I'm so happy the weather is starting to warm up! Since getting married I have really added to my spring/summer wardrobe and I don't feel like I've gotten good use out of those clothes yet. I was going through my closet yesterday to pick an outfit for today and I noticed a lot of clothes I wanted to take to California. So what did I do? I made a small pile. Just so I don't forget. I'll go through and re-evaluate everything when we actually pack. I want to try to take only one suitcase between the two of us. We'll see if that's possible! I am very excited about that trip. It will be such a nice break, we'll get to spend a week with Matt's parents, see their new house, go to the zoo, and hopefully spend some time in the sun! Next month can't come soon enough. I'm ready for a break from work. I haven't had a real break since I began my new job. Sigh.

Matthew and I have officially registered to begin grad school this summer. Let's pray it goes well, we get high grades, and it goes quickly. The more quickly the better!

Ok. My eyes are dropping. Time for bed.

I really love sleeping. Oh the places our imaginations and sun conscious takes us.

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