Monday, March 15, 2010


We're well into week 2 of this horrible, wretched cold. I do not like it not a bit. I don't feel nearly as exhausted today and I have for the past week. But the nose just would not stop running! That is very annoying when you are on the phone all day for your job. I know how annoying it is to listen to someone else who is sick on the phone. I often put my phone on mute while the students are talking so I can cough, sneeze, or blow my nose. Then of course, they think I hung up on them when I don't answer after .001 seconds when they finish talking. But it wasn't a horrible day. We were pretty busy so the time went by quickly. But it is still miserable. Only one more month (exactly) and I will be leaving for sunny California!

This horrible sickness made me miss my dear friend Kristin's wedding. I saw a few pictures online already and it makes me so sad. She was such a beautiful bride. So radiant. And Kyle was handsome as always. I keep telling myself that it was just one day in our entire lifetimes and that Kristin will always be my friend and it doesn't hurt our friendship any because I missed her wedding. But it still makes me sad. I would have loved to be there. I was so exhausted all day though. I could never have made the 5 hour drive to SC and then the 5 hour drive back by myself. I tried to find people to go with, but no luck. Sigh. I took a 3 hour nap on Saturday (after sleeping in until 11:30) so I knew it was probably a better choice to stay home. And since I'm still not feeling well it probably wouldn't have helped this work week go by any better. I just hate being sick. Of all the times in the year to be sick, it had to be when one of my greatest friends is getting married. Of course. Figures. But best wishes to you Mr. And Mrs. Cummings!

The other day I was doing laundry and putting it all away. Sometimes I just really hate doing the laundry. It isn't so bad and it doesn't take me that long to put everything away. And I like having a clean house and clean clothes. And I like keeping things in order for my husband. But I had this thought that if I didn't really like doing the laundry now it would probably be that much worse when we have a baby. So I thought it wouldn't be worth it to have cloth diapers. Now, I'm not sure what I'll actually do when the time comes. I would love to do cloth diapers, but some days I just hate doing the wash. And that will be a lot more wash to do. Sigh. I suppose I have some time to figure it out though. But I keep reminding Matthew how many more months until baby time! I think he's finally past the freak out stage. He's excited to have a baby but when I remind him how close it is he does get a little uptight. He's just nervous that he won't be able to provide for our family. But I know we'll be fine. We'll have plenty in savings if we need it and he makes enough now for us to live on (even if we have the added expense of baby things). And when he finishes his Masters (which will hopefully be shortly after baby number 1 appears on the scene) he will at least be getting a job promotion and raise at his current job. But we're really hoping to move back home then for a bigger and better job. Fingers crossed and prayers lifted!

Ugh. I am so tired but hate going to bed so early. At least it's after 9 now. Yawn.

Good night.

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