Friday, October 10, 2008

I really hate election years. So much hate being spread. It particularly bothers me when I see damaged and destroyed yard signs. Some people are going to favor McCain. Some Obama. Get over it. Leave their stinkin sign alone. Sure I find myself feeling some animosity towards Obama supporters sometimes, but that's just my human nature getting the better of me. I'm voting for McCain because he was a POW and is a respected veteran. His whole family has served this country faithfully. I believe he will steer us through this war responsibly and aim to bring about as much peace as possible. He is also pro-life. That is the clincher. I don't think I could bring myself to ever vote for someone who is pro-choice. Even if it were a "lesser of two evils" situation. Those are the only two issues I care about this election. Gas prices are always going to be high. Even when they go down to 2.50$ people still complain. It will always be higher than it was 10 years ago. Health care will always have problems to be solved. Etc. etc. etc. I think Obama could possibly be a great president. But in our current situation I think I trust McCain more.

It's finally the weekend! It's been a long work week for me. I have to nanny for only an hour tonight, which is exciting. I leave from there to go spend the evening with my dear old college friends. I have missed them. Since we've lived on the same hall together for the past three years, when I don't see them for a week it seems like years! I am so used to seeing them every single day. I miss the days when I could walk three down over to see their beautiful faces. Now they are scattered all around campus, but it's still only a leap and a hop to see each other. I am 20 minutes away. At least I'm still in Lynchburg so I can see them sometimes. If we end up moving to New York I won't see much of anybody and I really will have to meet new friends. We all know being the new girl in town isn't my strength. I cower and keep to myself and watch TV all day. WEll, maybe by then we'll have a baby and I'll be able to find some other young moms to friend up with.

I have read Even Now by Karen Kingsbury and The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers in the past week. My mother sent me those and another Rivers book since she knew I have been reading in all my free time and was looking for some new books. I have always loved Karen Kingsbury books, even though they all have the same basic Christian romance plot. Sure there are some differences, but it's always some horrible mistake early in life, years of turmoil and trying to straighten it out, finally turning to God for direction, and everything ending up happy once again. I took a vacation from her collection after reading most of her books. I just couldn't take anymore of the same mush. But now, after a few years, I love it all over again. I think my sister accidentally donated my collection of hers to the church library when I moved. So I'll have to go out and buy the books again, but they are good light reads.

The Scarlet Thread on the other hand infuriated me. I didn't like the ending for one. It didn't seem to come together all that well and the whole point of the scarlet thread was a bit vague. A lot of loose ends were left and it all seemed to snowball fast in the last two chapters. The ending is the most important part of the book, that's why I can't finish any of the books I've tried writing. My endings are always weak. The book also made me angry with my sister's husband. They are int he middle of a divorce. The husband in the book reminded me so much of my sister's husband, that I just wanted to... I don't even know. But lots of unpleasantness, let me tell you! It does my heart good just to forget about him. Whenever I start thinking about him I start this horrible cycle of hatred. It's hard to get over it. In all honesty though, the book was well written. Sure the ending could've used a little more juice, but the rest of the story was enjoyable. I'll read it again someday. Probably not before the wounds of this divorce heal. And I'm just a by stander sister in all of it. I hope my marriage remains strong and grounded in the Lord. That is our only hope. We love each other deeply, but sometime love just isn't enough. I think we're committed, but we've only been married for four months.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. I'm planning on waking up the same time as Matthew. Usually I sleep for a couple more hours after he leaves for work. I'll wake up with him and do a morning workout instead of leaving it for the evening. I feel so much more refreshed that way. If I leave it till the end of the day too, I'll more often than not forget about it. So I'll do my work out while he's getting ready for work. I'll then give the house a good cleaning. I've left a lot of little chores throughout the week to do on Saturday. Chores are good for my day off. I like cleaning our house. It gives me a sense of pride. Our house is pretty easy to keep clean. I just have to vacuum every so often, do the laundry, keep the dishes clean (by hand since we don't have a dishwasher), and organize our bills and desk stuff. Everything else pretty much stays in order. Simple really. Then when Matthew gets home we're going to see a movie! We planned on going on Thursday since I get off work at noon that day, but I was too tired. I slept for a while then we decided just to crash at home instead. I am excited to go out and do something though. We haven't been to the movies in awhile.

I am now reading Anne of Ingleside. Anne now has six children, one set of twins. I am so jealous. I do not want six, but I would like one for now! I would also like twins. I hope this feeling starts to die down soon, or we have an oops baby! (more like a miracle baby in my mind) I just have to be patient.

It's the weekend. The sun is out, the breeze is friendly. This is why I love autumn!

Rebecca Iveson

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