Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I find my days are more full than I ever anticipate them to be. But I always have a little down time. Such a nice schedule.

I am growing to love both of my jobs. But I am also ready for something quite different. I am looking forward to trying to find an office job for the next year. I like routine and schedule. I like dressing up and looking professional. I like using briefcases and handbags. None of which is needed with two jobs in child care.

I've been thinking of changing my Masters degree. I'm glad I didn't start it right away. I'll still major in Human Services, but the specialization might change from Marriage and Family to either Health and Wellness or Communication Studies. I'm still deciding. What do I want to be when I grow up? It would be nice to work at a gym, maybe teach a few classes as well as basic odd jobs. Or I could try to accomplish my dream job and get a position as a book editor somewhere. That could easily be done at home. So many choices! I'm so glad I still have a little while to think it through.

I'm so excited for the cooler weather. The mornings and nights are now in the 50's consistently. During the day it's been record highs of mid 80's! Not good. Hopefully it will begin to cool off in the afternoons as well. I want to wear long sleeves and break out my winter coat soon!

Matthew and I have been experimenting a little more in the kitchen. So far so good. I love having our own kitchen. Since I lived on campus all three years of college I didn't get much experience with cooking and baking. Since my mom is a pro at the boxed stove dinners, I didn't have much practice at home either. I love trying new recipes and dishes. I'm slowly learning what tastes compliment each other and how to produce foods worthy of company!

I wish I had a scale. I have in my mind how much weight I want to lose and what I want my problem spots to look like. But since I don't have a scale I can't track my progress. I don't even have an actual number goal for weight loss! I figure as long as I keep healthy and work on my areas I'll be alright. Hopefully I'll get a scale soon though. I've gotten a little lazy in the past year. No more! I love reading Shape magazine. I don't always use the specific workout plans outlines in there, but I take a few moves here and there and it always gives me encouragement!

I'm re-reading 1984. Such a good book. Classic. I've been meeting more and more people who haven't read it. Or even heard of it! I wonder what they think when they hear references to Big Brother or War is Peace. That is one thing I am thankful to my high school for. My junior and senior years were flooded with good books to read. If you want to see an interesting commercial referencing Big Brother, check the 1984 macintosh/ apple commercial. I'm sure it's on youtube somewhere. I watched it in one of my classes last year and really liked it. A very clever and significant commercial. Although, if you haven't read the book... and since we're no longer in the year 1984... it may not seem like that genius. But I liked it.


Rebecca Iveson

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