Sunday, September 28, 2008

house guest

A successful weekend. My mother-in-law came for a nice weekend visit. Our first house guest.

We took her out to Milanos which was lovely. We of course hit the J.Crew outlet and I got two very lovely tops. We watched a girly movie and a not-so-girly movie. We had some amazing home cooked meals and made use of my pots and crock pot. The house was cleaned specially for her visit, and I hope to keep it in this shape from now on. It's rather nice having a clean house. And we sat around our comfy living room reading and doing sudoku. This morning she and I went to Thomas Road for church. I enjoyed it but it still isn't the place for me every Sunday. We met up with the Reichs and their MIL, who traveled with my MIL. Then we said our goodbyes.

A lovely weekend. And now I prepare for another workweek.

I always seem to dread going back to work, but I really enjoy my job. It would be nice if the school opened at 10 though. Just my laziness shining through once again. I enjoy teaching and I enjoy nannying in the afternoon. I really hold no complaints about the nature of my work. So why do I dread the morning?

Matthew was incredibly sweet the other night. He sounded excited about the prospect of our having a baby in the next year as opposed to another 3. I asked him why he was suddenly so excited about it and he said he knew how badly I wanted a baby and he just wanted me to be happy. We would figure out all the expenses later. So sweet! I don't think little Iveson feet will be pitter pattering around here anytime soon, but if the situation arises it's nice to know we'll both be happy about it!

Goodbye weekend. See you again in a few days.

Rebecca Iveson

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