Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Happy Autumn!

For those of you who don't know, Autumn is my most favorite time of year. In Virginia true Autumn comes rather late, basically when winter is beginning to hit in Michigan. But today marks the first official day of Autumn none the less. So exciting! The leaves have begun to change and a few have dropped off the trees. It still is too hot for comfort in my opinion, but the chill wind will come soon enough. I love love love Autumn. It puts a huge smile on my face and makes everything seem just a little bit better.

The beginning of another work week. I really like my job at St. John's. I am also a substitute for St. John's Church's Nursury on Sunday mornings. I wasn't expecting to get many weeks worth of work there, but I got an email with about six weeks they need me! It pays 15$ an hour. This works out really well since I haven't found a home church yet here in Lynchburg and have been floating around still and listening to Louie's podcasts from back home. The weeks needed by the nursury are slightly random, but it will be something nice to look forward too. It's always nice to have a little extra Christmas money! But normal school has been going wonderfully. Our children have been getting along well for the most part. It is so encouraging to see their young age and watching them work out their own problems instead of always bringing their problems to a teacher. The rest of the staff at St. John's has also been a joy to work with. They are all so kind and helpful. I'll be sad to leave next year... if I leave. Still to be determined.

I think I'm going to quit my nanny job around Christmas time. I need to find another part time job that has more hours. I'm getting about 8 hours a week from this position. I'd like something where it would be more like 20 or possibly 30 if the job was amazing. So I'll begin looking later in the year and if something pops up I'll swap on over. When I agreed to the nanny position we said that it might only be until Christmas if our schedules changed anyways. So it might be all for the best.

I miss my family. It makes me sad to think that the next time I see the kids they'll all be so much bigger and smarter! They keep growing and I just want them to stop and stand still until I can see them again. They are just growing up so fast. It makes me feel old when I see them... and saying that makes me feel even older! Ethan is 7 already! How did that happen? I miss my parents too. It will be weird visiting and going to a new house as an official guest. I won't have a room any longer. But I love the layout of their condo so I'm still excited to visit. Matthew's mom is coming down this weekend. We are VERY excited about that. And his whole family will be here for Christmas. I need a family vacation soon. That will be so much fun.

Well, my potatoes for my late dinner are almost ready. Matthew is at work tonight so I'm making some Julienne potatoes that he doesn't like but I love love love. I was so disappointed when I made them the first time and he didn't care for them. Oh well, more for me now, I suppose!

Have a great night and a fabulous fall!

Rebecca Iveson

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