Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It really is quite unfair. I think my tea must be caffeinated. Otherwise, why would I stay awake so late on nights when I have a cup after 8 pm? I need to find some new tea for night time. I don't care much for sleepytime though. I hate having to find new teas. I like my tea perfectly well but this staying up all night thing just won't work for me. Nope.

So it is a quarter after 4 in the morning and I have to start getting ready for work at 6:15. I could try to go to sleep, but I think I'd probably toss and turn for the next hour giving me only an hours sleep. That would almost be worse than toughing it out and staying up until I come home at noon. I then would have three hours to nap until I have to go to job number two which can be pretty low key. If I tell Peter I'm not feeling well he'll stay low key on me. I can entertain him with his DS and the TV. Oh the joys of technology. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Then again, some days I expect to be overly tired I wind up being strangely alert. Maybe I just need a night owl night every once in awhile. I hate sleeping on the couch either way. I wish I were one of those people who fall asleep 2 minutes after their head hits the pillow regardless of how tired they are. I wonder if I can program that into myself? Even mild sleeping pills aren't working any longer. I don't want to try anything stronger. Maybe a heavy workout is needed right before bed. But sometimes a workout becomes a high and I still lie awake for hours. There's no win.

I started an old book tonight at around 10 pm. I intended on spending a few days on it. But since I can't sleep I'm already halfway through it. Maybe I'll make myself a cup of instant coffee and read some more until my alarm goes off. I'm thoroughly annoyed.

Any suggestions will be widely welcomed.

Put put put... srrrrrr.

Rebecca Iveson

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