Thursday, September 11, 2008

the never ending cold

The children gave me a wretched cold this week which I haven't been able to shake. I have cough syrup, tylenol cold, two different kinds of cough drops, lots of water, lots of orange juice, and lots of hot tea with honey to aide my illness. But it's been 6 days and still no let up. I sound like a raspy man which makes for interesting story times! Only one more work day this week! Then I can relax at home and hopefully get better. I also got some immune boosting vitamin c tabs for the year. Hopefully that will help a little to prevent more week long nasties like this! I have my cold to Matt too so we just have a jolly household right now.

We made the mistake of going into petsmart again! We found another Russian blue who was beautiful. She was 1 year old and had beautiful green eyes. We finally made the call to ask if we could have a cat. It's probably going to be ok, the lady upstairs just has to ok it with her husband before giving us to go ahead. I really want a kitten so we will keep looking until we find the perfect little blue kitten! I am so excited!

Matthew also bought me two books and the new shape magazine today! He is such an amazing husband. I'm going to try to finish the book I'm currently reading so I can start one of the new ones. I love love love new books!

Matthew and I have been discussing children. A lot. I think I may be wearing him down! I know it would probably be best if we waited for another 2 or 3 years, but I am itching to be a mommy. One of the girls at work just found out she's pregnant. Makes me so jealous. Soon enough I'll have my turn. Maybe sooner than we're anticipating!

I was reading my paper journal the other night from my freshman year of college. I didn't think I'd grown up so much in my writing style since then, but oh my word I was so... Juvenile! I used a lot of chatter terms and shortened a lot of words such as whatev etc. Everyone has always told me I write exactly how I speak. I hope I wasn't so juvenile with my speech as well! But all is well I suppose. That's what college is for. To increase knowledge and vocabulary and rhetoric. I think college was a success in my case. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much.

I'm off to take a good got steam. Hopefully that will clear me up enough to be able to get a restful nights sleep.I have been having very wild dreams, due to the cough syrup I think. Last night Matt woke me up asking if was ok because I was twitching and moving around a lot in bed. It was so sweet, he sounded so concerned when he woke me. Then he snuggled me close to him so I'd hopefully have sweet dreams after that.

Hoping for sweet dreams,
Rebecca Iveson

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