Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I had a bit of a life crisis/meltdown last night. It was sad because Matthew worked until a little before midnight and my friends all have super busy Mondays and I didn't really feel like driving all the way to Liberty anyways. So I sat here alone trying to sort out my life and my future plans and where I want to go in the next 10 years. I thought I had it all planned out pretty perfectly, but now I'm slightly stressed about it.

Just slightly though.

I guess all I can do is work hard at the two jobs I have now and wait until May to figure out where to go next. Speaking of my jobs, I really don't want to do the nanny job. It's only for a few hours each day, but the child is really rambunctious and energetic. That doesn't sound so bad, but if you knew him you would understand. I interviewed for another nanny position with amazing children, but it would be watching 4 children and paid less than this one child does. So I couldn't very well take that position. Everything will be ok and it will fill up my schedule nicely. I just have to realize that every job I have may not be the most enjoyable. Once I get more settled into my work schedule and develop a normal sleeping schedule I think I'll enjoy my weeks more.

The preschool is coming along really well. Everyone has been working hard to put together their rooms for Parents Night tomorrow. Our room is so adorable. It's probably my favorite in the whole school! I am super excited to meet the children in our class. I do have a few early mornings since I open the school two days a week, but I'm sure I'll love this job once it really gets going. Today was fun. Carol and I put together our art station, made all the name badges for cubbies, chairs, and activities, and chose all the books for our quiet section. Everything is coming together super well in our room. I think it's one of the more organized rooms. I talked to some of the other teachers who had my children last year. Sounds like we'll have an interested class. We have one child who apparently wanders and escapes from the classroom when you're not looking. Another child who pretends to be unconscious and hurt to get attention. And a very dramatic child. Should make for an interesting group. We have 14 children in our class. A good amount. I'm excited. I just hope I can get enough sleep each night to keep up with them all morning and then go to my nannying job! I'll be worn out by the time I come home for the evening at 6.

I am very thankful for both of my jobs. I have also been so blessed with my father. He is such an amazing and encouraging man. I've had really great conversations with him about careers and life in general the past two days when I was slightly freaking out. He is so understanding and patient with me. He has a lot of life experience to draw from to help me as well. I am so blessed with him and am so glad he's my dad. I have also been blessed with an amazing husband. Matt continues to love me and support me in every situation we come across. He tells me that my jobs are great and it doesn't matter how much money I'm making since it's just added on to his income. He is just proud of me for getting a job and being so proactive in my search. That helps a lot when I feel like I'm not pulling my weight in our family. I feel like I should be making the same income he is, when that just isn't very probable until I get my Masters. He is so strong and supportive. I love him so incredibly much and am so thankful he is my husband.

This is going to sound crazy since it's only 9:00, but I am off to start getting ready for bed! I haven't been sleeping well the past few night and the early mornings and longer days at the school have been taking a lot our of me. I probably won't end up going to sleep until 11, but I want to get all cozy and snuggled up in bed with a book so I can drift off to sleep whenever.

Here's to a cozy night,
Rebecca Iveson

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Sarah Koutz said...

In case you didn't get the memo...becoming a teacher turns you into a grandma! You go to bed early and wake up early.