Friday, July 25, 2008

So today was our day of errands. We finally bought our kitchen table and chairs. As most entertaining we plan on doing will take place in the living room, we opted for a smaller table for this house. It's a wood and vinyl folding table with matching chairs. It fits in our kitchen well and we figure it's better than buying a small, less portable, table now and then trying to sell it to buy something bigger later. I really like the design. It will be a good game table as well. If our family does end up coming down here for Christmas we may have to get an extra card table to tack on to the end so there's enough seating, but for now it's perfect. And it makes our kitchen look much better.

We went to PetsMart next to get me a pet fish. Bad move number one. We knew full well that I could not go into PetsMart without looking at the Humane Society cats. So we looked and there was this gorgeous gray cat. She is two years old but still had soft kitten fur. We loved her. We rounded the corner to see if there were any kittens in the other bins... and there she was! A beautiful little Russian Blue kitten! So perfect and beautiful! She has already been spayed and litter trained. We asked how the adoption process works and the lady said we just had to pay cash and have something to transfer her home in and we could take her right then and there! We were able to sit in back with her for awhile and she was the sweetest little kitten. She wasn't timid at all. But she didn't meow annoyingly like the kittens in the bin under hers. They needed attention a little too much. Instead, she just ran over to us when we opened her cage and started purring right away. I picked her up and she was so soft and snuggly. Matt then began to pet her and she immediately started licking his hand and arm and purring louder. We both wanted her so bad. We tried to call our landlord to see if it was ok for us to have a cat. They are on vacation now and we couldn't get a hold of them. Matt said that before when he had asked about pets they just said to ask them about it if we were considering getting one. Well, we want this kitten! We figured it would be better to wait to get her just so we didn't have to try to give her back or sell her later. We'll know if cats are allowed on Sunday and then we'll see about going and picking her up! She may be sold by then, but you never know. Humane Society cats aren't generally sold quickly. If she's not available any longer then I think we still want a Russian Blue. I've heard amazing things about this breed. They're very companionable, do well with families with children or other pets, and are extremely well behaved. Not to mention, they are beautiful with their gray-blue fur. I really want this kitten though, her name is LuLu but we would rename her Emily.

After we had to leave her I wasn't in the mood for much else shopping. We went to the post office to mail our thank yous and then came back home. We just got back from dinner at Fridays (yummy!) and are settling down for a quiet evening at home. I keep thinking that it would be so much nicer to have little Emily purring in my lap while I read, or as I type, or watch TV. We would spoil her. We already looked at some cat toys for her. She would be our little queen kitty. We're hoping the Halfords say ok. If not, I'll just get the fish we went there to get anyways and be content for another year. Then we'll move and get a kitten!

Even though I don't have my little bundle of snuggles, it's been a good day.

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