Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am so excited for autumn to hit. It's so sad to me that autumn hits later in Virginia than Michigan. I'm definitely ready for scarves and light layers and my knee high boots. I have missed my boots... and I think Matthew has as well. I miss my wool coat. I miss jeans without getting sticky. I miss the crunching of leaves under foot. Soon enough I suppose. At least I can satisfy myself with swishy dresses for the time being.

So thank yous are officially finished. They have been written for a few days but I was waiting on some address confirmations. Speaking of which, I need to get a new address section for my dayplanner... and put all my correspondences written in pencil. That way when people move when they finish college or move out of their parents house I can update without scribbling all over my pretty day planner. Yes, I am a bit OCD about this sort of thing. But the thank yous are getting mailed out tomorrow.

I also received the rest of our wedding prints today. Finally. I thought the order has been messed up again... but I think everything is accounted for. I have too many prints to fit into my lovely book! I'm going to make a coffee table book soon with a lovely collage of wedding pictures on each page, but until then... it's about 500 prints in my photo proof book. It's ok, a lot of the pictures are similar so I just picked my favorites and put them in the book. It's so hard to choose though! I'm so excited everything is finally put together though. Now I can finally clean up our living room! I had so many projects laid all over the couches and chair.

I am starting to get cabin fever even more than before! I always thought I would be perfectly content being a housewife, but not until children come! When that happens I can see staying busy all day trying to clean the house, clean the baby, feed the baby, feed the husband, feed the self, do the dishes, and keep up with everything else in life! But until then, when it's just the two of us... I need to get a job soon! Especially since I'll only be taking two classes at a time for the next little while. I'll have a lot of extra time with no job. I am really banking on this job at FLS. I feel like it is the perfect situation. The perfect set up. And God brought it all about at the right time. I really really hope it all works out. I'm still turning in my addendum application to Liberty for various jobs... I just don't want to commit to something and then have this caseworker position work out a few days later. We shall see I suppose!

One more thing. I'm growing my hair out again. I like it short... but I need to be able to curl it and put it in a pony tail that won't fall out if I bounce around for a bit. So by Christmas it should be presentable again.

Back to cleaning the house.

Rebecca Iveson

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