Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good news! She's dead! Good news...

Sorry, Wicked flashback. I wouldn't mind seeing that production again. I'm trying to convince Matthew to take me, but he says I've already seen it and we should see something new. We'll see.

Anyways. My personal good news. I have an interview with Family Life Services! Last night I received an email from the Director of Social Services there saying that this morning she was meeting with a member of the Godparent Foundation to go over the resumes they've received. They would set up interviews after they filtered through them. So this is definitely good news. Today I got another email asking if I was available Monday or Tuesday for an interview! I'm pretty I now have the opportunity to convince them that I am the right woman for the job. I have great ambition for the field, a huge heart for the birth mothers, and a large amount of compassion for the adoptive families waiting for a special bundle of joy to add to their family. I have a good amount of experience in this field for someone as young as myself. As I interned at Family Life Services I also have a good amount of experience with the specific agency I'd be working with. I truly feel God has called me to this field of work and I feel that he has enable me to have a great testimony in this area as I was adopted myself. God has been closing all the wrong doors and opening the right ones when I haven't even been looking. I am so excited for this interview. I am so excited for this prospect. I hope everyone else involved can see this passion as well.

I had a very lazy day. I woke up extremely late (I had a fitful night of sleep last night), lounged around the house in my jammies for awhile, took a longer shower than necessary, and then sped over to school to lie by the pool for the rest of the afternoon with my dear friend, Savannah! We sat by the pool for about three hours. It was very cloudy out and it is only the second time I've been out in the sun this summer. Needless to say, I got burnt. I rarely get burnt. But I am nicely pink now. But it's ok. It'll darken in a day or two and then will be a nice shade of tan. I'm not used to having one piece swim suit tan lines. The joys of the East Campus pool. But it was a nice relaxing afternoon.

I am so excited for my interview.

Rebecca Iveson

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