Thursday, July 31, 2008

learning to cook

I am beginning to get real anxious about this job situation. I am trying to remain calm and prepare for a no-go just in case it doesn't work out. Truth be told, this job is my dream job and it seemed to drop in my lap. I will be greatly disappointed if it doesn't work out. But I'm trying to remain optomistic. (is that spelled right? It looks funny) I hope to hear for Bette or worse tomorrow. Everytime I get a little anxious I pray about it. It usually settles my nerves but I will still be glad when I hear.

I cooked Matthew dinner from scratch tonight. It was interesting. He really enjoyed it but I didn't care for it too much. I had a basic pasta recipe that included chicken and spinach. I decided to experiment a little with it though. Now I know not to do that. But, Matthew still liked it. So it's ok.

I'm reading Mere Christianity for the first time. I am an avid Lewis fan, but I had quotes from this book my whole life. Church, school, and friends quoted it pretty much since the 4th grade. I figured that was enough for me. But now that I'm actually making my way through it, I really like it. Of course I like it though. Even when I don't agree with everything Lewis says in his other works I still appreciate his thoughts.

My birthday is coming up. Truthfully, I just want one thing. A little gray Russian Blue kitten. We have put off asking if it's ok for us to have pets, and it doesn't look like the request is going to be made for awhile. I can wait for a kitten. But my heart longs for a little ball of fur to snuggle with. Nothing like a purring kitten to make everything all better. I have a feeling that if this job pull through Matthew will ask about the kitten and get me one. But I'd rather the job work out.

I took a late nap. I hate those. I've been trying to stay up until bedtime so I fall asleep quicker, but I just end up napping later, which in turn makes me stay up later. At least Matthew doesn't have to work until Saturday. So we can sleep in tomorrow morning. Anyways, since I woke up about a half hour ago, it's time to go do some late night pilates and exercises. Then I have to do some dishes or it will haunt me in the morning. The trouble with cooking from scratch is that it sure makes a mess of the kitchen.

Happy stretching (pilates),
Rebecca Iveson

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