Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pre-wedding festivities

It has been an extremely busy week! So much planning to do. Weddings are elaborate and expensive! So many little details to be thought of. I met with Cheri Krueger who will be doing out dessert bar. We're having a nice medium sized caked as well as a fun groom's cake. I bought the toppers for the groom's cake the other day... so much fun. I think I'll like that cake better than my own! We're also having rice krispy bars, lemon bars, chocolate covered strawberries, raspberry swirl cheesecake, and some kind of chocolate dessert my mom wants. Oh yes, and chocolate chip cookies for Kristin! It will be pretty fabulous. I also met with the florist. I am thrilled with the arrangements we came up with. Simple but elegant. Flowers are expensive! All future brides take note of this! Expect to spend more on flowers than you intend! I even bought fake flowers for the reception center pieces and our flower budget is way up! I tried my dress on once all the final alterations were finished. Beautiful! I found a shawl to wear at the reception so my sister won't have to make something with the extra fabric for the reception. It is all working out well. My mom and I hit Michael's and found more than enough decorations. I think we're almost done shopping. It's just putting everything together now!

I am now working on packing all of my belongings into boxes so when my parents help me move in April it will all already be prepared to be toted down to VA. My dad is probably going to drive down with one of his friends in a truck with our furniture and all my boxes. Quite the move. I am so thankful for our apartment. Our landlord is charging us a lesser fee before we move in since we'll just be using it for storage. We are so blessed. I have a lot of knickknacks and random things to try to find places for. So a lot of packing and organizing for me!

Weddings are expensive. But so fun! I met with Laura, my friend who is also a bride-to-be, for lunch. It was so nice hearing about her plans and everything so far. We also ran into our friend, Ashley, who is getting married in August! Neither of us had seen her in awhile so it was nice to catch up. Weddings are so beautiful. I am so happy for these girls.

Time to go to the dentist. Last trip to the dentist while on my parents insurance. Which means last trip to the dentist for a very long time! Unless it's an emergency, Matt and I won't have much need for a clean up for a few years. We don't have the luxury of dentist visits!


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