Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day To Night

I really didn't want to become a frumpy dump mom who always went out in workout pants and oversized t-shirts. I didn't really think this would be too much of a problem, but I made a personal goal to remain stylish and to keep a part of "me" that didn't have to do with baby.

One way to accomplish this? Buy cute clothes. Once you have a child the word "budget" changes. Your child and your child's needs become number 1. Babies typically outgrow their clothes faster than their parents. So, Jack needs clothes more often than I do. But... every once in awhile you just need to spoil yourself. So, if you buy new cutesy clothes then you'll wear them so you didn't just waste money.

One day I had errands to run with Jack in the morning and a baby shower to attend in the evening. I chose a few versatile pieces and styled them differently.

The two pieces for the day/night look: Cream lace top and purple cardigan. Classic- which is more or less my wardrobe. I have a few trendy pieces, but mostly I go for classic (this is also why I have items from high school still!).

Daytime errands: casual scarf, purse large enough for all my necessities (which now include at least two baby toys and a burp cloth), dark skinny jeans, and flats. Comfy, yet put together. This look was perfect for fall. Fall in Michigan is an explosion of colors and my purple cardigan fit right in.

When it was time for the baby shower I switched out some pieces and made a more "grown up" look. By "grown up" I mean "oh-hey-I'm-going-out-without-the-baby". I put on a vibrant pencil skirt (again, it's still fall), a waist cinching belt and tucked in the lace top, added a vintage inspired necklace (it's backwards in the picture, but on the front is a beautiful rose), floral heels that are splashed with purple (including purple pom poms on the toe), and swapped out the roomy purse for a strapped clutch (just enough to hold chapstick, wallet, and phone). I quickly backcombed and pinned up half my hair and voila, an evening out look. Since this was a baby shower I went for a more "Sunday Best" look than a cocktails look.

The transition was quick, which is always good with an infant. While I did run the risk of baby spitting up (or something much less pleasant) all over my outfit during the day, he doesn't do that very often. I did have a backup ready to go, just in case. Also, my skirt was neat when I put it on... but I sat down/changed/hugged goodbye the baby and wrinkles happen. Sigh. So close to polished.

All of these pieces are very classic and I know I will use them often (and probably for many years). They did have a heftier price tag, but their quality will make up for that price. (plus I shop outlets, factory stores, consignment, and clearance stores!)

Outfit Breakdown:

Lace top: Gap Factory Store
Purple Cardigan: J. Crew Clearance Store (only in Lynchburg, VA)


Scarf: Gap
Skinny Jeans: Gap
Flats: J. Crew Clearance Store
Bag: Coach (Secondhand)


Necklace: Gadzooks
Skirt: J. Crew Clearance Store
Belt: J. Crew Clearance Store
Heels: J. Crew Clearance Store
Clutch: Talbots (Secondhand)