Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Quarter Century

I am now a quarter century old.

Twenty five years ago today my biological mother birthed me alone as my biological father had been tragically killed in an accident. She had two other little girls at home as well.

Twenty five years ago today my biological mother gave me a wonderful gift of placing me for adoption so I might have a better life than the one she could give me at that time.

Seven months and twenty-five days later (April 1, 1988) I was flown from South Korea to Michigan where I was placed in the arms of my Mommy. I was adopted and loved by my family.

Fifty-one weeks ago I received my best birthday present ever! Finally that positive pregnancy test announcing that Jackson Matthew was on the way.

Today, I got a lot done at work. I had a delicious lunch out with my department to celebrate. I didn't have any presents to open because I'm a grown up and couldn't wait for my actual birthday to use my presents. I snuggled with my baby. I kissed my husband. I received beautiful roses. And all is well.

Oh, and we're testing out sleeping in the pack n play tonight as opposed to his rock n play sleeper or in the middle of the bed with pillows/blankets pushed away from him. My baby is growing into a little boy! Sigh.

Twenty-five, eh?


At least I got some good stuff:
*all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy I didn't already own... including season eight pre-ordered!
*two new pairs of jeans that are a tad bit smaller than my pre-preggo pants that tore a hole in the knee (well, same size just in petites... I'll never buy regular pants again! perfect fit!)
*some amazing dressy/casual espadrilles which were exactly what I've been looking for all spring/summer
*lovely lotion/perfume from the bestie
*and of course, a favorite, $$$

I have been working my way through my Grey's. I refused to watch it when it first came out. I thought the whole McDreamy/McSteamy thing was silly. I discovered it last year. Amazing. My new favorite show. Patrick Dempsey is one of my favorite actors so I don't know why I thought I wouldn't like it. Plus, I've always liked medical shows (ER, Diagnosis Murder)... must come from watching recordings of my dad's surgeries growing up.