Sunday, July 01, 2012

Natural Disaster

Well, we had quite the storm Friday. The winds were so strong it sounded like a semi-truck was driving right outside our house! The electricity flickered for about half and hour... then went dead. That was around 9:30 pm Friday night. Saturday we waited to see if it would come back on while feeling the temperature rise to triple digits. We went to my office at Liberty for most of the afternoon.

Unfortunately, someone had locked my office which I share with my Associate Director. I don't have a key yet as I just moved into the office. I texted around to see if anyone had a key. No one did. Big bummer. We headed into an empty office for the afternoon. Jack too a nap, we watched a movie on my computer. After awhile we headed home.

As soon as we got inside Jack started screaming. It was veyr warm inside and he was definitely not used to that temperature. I've wondered since he was born if his skin reacted to sweat/heat. It sure seems like it does. After about half an hour of being home he had red bumps all around his face and head. He was crying his panicked cry, which is the saddest one for Mommy and Daddy to hear. We tried putting cold compresses on his neck and head. That helped a little but he would sniffle a few times then start crying again. We use a hand fan (the kind that flips out and is made of wood and fabric) to try to cool him down, but I could feel his body warming up. We tried a cool sponge bath, which he hated. After trying everything we could think of we packed up a few things and headed out.

We sat in the car with the AC on and Jack immediately settled down. We called through all the hotels we could find but all were booked solid. Everyone had the same idea and we were the last to think of it. The word spread that we wouldn't be getting power back until the following Saturday and everyone wanted a cool place to call home for the week. Not knowing what else to do, we headed back to Liberty.

We went up to the office and someone had taken over the office we had used during the afternoon. One of them was a LUPD officer. I asked if he might have keys to my office and he did! He unlocked my door and we now were able to utilize my personal space. It's not very large, but we made it work.

Saturday night was a little rough. We brought Jack's sleeper and he did great. He slept well the whole night so I knew we had made the right choice. We brought blankets to make little beds out of for Matt and I, but they were not thick enough to be very comfortable. I kept telling myself it was worth it as long as Jack was happy and healthy. He could have easily overheated at home and if it was while we were sleeping I may not have been able to help him in time. Matt has a stiff back, I have a stiff neck, but we made it.

Today is Sunday. We headed home to check on the cats and take cool showers. Since it was morning-time, the house wasn't that warm yet. Jack was content to play in his bouncer while Matt and I got dressed and packed up some more things. We took more blankets to make beds, more pillows, and the food we could salvage. We had moved all the breastmilk from our freezer to a freezer at Liberty- wouldn't want it all to go to waste! We went to Walmart and got some bed mats to place on the floor before our blankets and some non-perishable items to last the week. Since we don't have a washer to use, we also bought some disposable diapers for Jack. Here's hoping we chose a good brand!

Jack has done super well throughout the day. He's eaten and napped like normal. He's played and been pretty happy most of the day. We went for two walks through the halls of my office building with him. He does seem to be reacting to the overall heat, but it doesn't seem to bother him too much. There wasn't as much variation to his schedule as to Mommy and Daddy's. We watched a movie, took a nap when Jack did, and spent some quality time together. In a way, having little electricity has been a blessing as we've had to spend a lot of time together unplugged.

We plan to continue sleeping in my office until the power is back on at home. My Associate Director is out of town this week so we won't be bothering her. We're not sure what Matt and Jack will do during the day. I'm going to see if my boss is ok with them hanging out in the office for at least part of the day. They may be able to stay at home in the morning before it gets too hot. Wednesday the electricity is scheduled to turn off on campus since the school is closed for the holiday. Not sure what we're going to do during that time, but it's until 5 pm so we can still come back for the evening.

This certainly has been an adventure. I definitely don't want to relive it, but life could be a whole lot worse.